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Ethiopia to allow foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin to engage in insurance sector

ADDIS ABABA, July 27 (Xinhua) — The Ethiopian Council of Ministers on Saturday passed two draft bills that aimed to restructure the country’s existing business law governing insurance companies and microfinance institutions.

The decisions to amend the East African country’s existing business laws governing insurance companies and microfinance institutions were made in line with recent and ongoing “large-scale” reform measures in the sectors, the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Office revealed in a statement on Saturday.

The draft bills, among other things, envisaged to allow foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin to engage in the financial sector as part of restructuring Ethiopia’s current laws on insurance and microfinance sectors, according to the Ethiopian PM’s office.

The decision on the draft bills, which were developed by the National Bank of Ethiopia and endorsed by the Ethiopian Council of Ministers on Saturday, were passed to the Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives, the Ethiopian parliament’s lower house, for final ratification, it was noted.

Ethiopia gambles on cheap labour – African Business Magazine

With low wages a major draw for international investors African countries have to choose between creating jobs and promoting higher wages.

Source: Ethiopia gambles on cheap labour – African Business Magazine

Even as much of the world moves into high-tech mode, old-fashioned industrialisation is still an aspiration for most African countries.

Increasingly, the big differentiator is cheap labour. As wage packages rise in low-cost manufacturing destinations in Asia and elsewhere, international investors are looking for new countries where they can produce competitively for global markets.

One of the nations that has put its head above the parapet in this regard is Ethiopia. This fast-growing and rapidly liberalising nation has been courting international producers to realise its ambition as a manufacturing hub in Africa. The reformist government of prime minister Abiy Ahmed sees manufacturing as another way to attract FDI as it opens up previously closed sectors of the economy.

China is well represented in the numerous industrial parks that have opened over the past few years, and aims to increase its presence in the country as more such parks, which are a key part of Ethiopia’s future industrial planning, open their doors.

Ethiopia, like China before it, has focused on the garment sector with a view to positioning itself as a top sourcing and manufacturing destination for apparel. The government has admitted that this is a risky sector to choose to kick-start its industrial ambitions, given high levels of competition, but maintains that producing for export markets is a viable way to build industrial capacity.

It plans to boost clothing exports to $30bn a year from the current $145m. And the response to Ethiopia’s offerings has been positive, with many large Chinese enterprises investing in the sector and garments being produced for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, H&M and Tommy Hilfiger


ኢትዮጵያና ቻይና በፍትህ ዘርፍ በጋራ ለመስራት ተስማሙ| Ahadu radio fm

ሀምሌ 4/2011 ዓ.ም

ኢትዮጵያና ቻይና በፍትህ ዘርፍ በጋራ ለመስራት ተስማሙ፡፡

የኢፌዴሪ ጠቅላይ አቃቤ ህግ አቶ ብርሀኑ ጸጋዬ በቻይና ፍትህ ሚኒስቴር ምክትል ሚኒስትር የተመራ የልዑካን ቡድንን ትናንት በጽህፈት ቤታቸው ተቀብለው አነጋግረዋል።

በቆይታቸውም ጠቅላይ አቃቤ ህግ አቶ ብርሀኑ ጸጋዬ ፥ ኢትዮጵያ የሕግ በላይነት ከማስጠበቅና የፍትህ ዘርፉን ከማዘመን ጋር ተያይዞ በተለይም በሙስና፣ በሰብዓዊ መብት ጥሰት፣ በህገ ወጥ የገንዘብ ዝውውር እና ሽብርተኝነትን በገንዘብ መርዳት ወንጀሎች ጋር ተያይዞ በርካታ ስራዎችን እየሰራች መሆኑን አብራርተዋል።

ከዚህም በተጨማሪ የፍትህ ሰርዓቱን የበለጠ ተደራሽ ለማደረግ በአቅም ግንባታ ዘርፍ የቻይና መንግስትን ድጋፍና ተሳትፎን ኢትዮጵያ መጠቀም እንደምትፈልግ ገልጸዋል።

የቻይና የፍትህ ሚኒስቴር ምክትል ሚኒስትር ሊዩ ዜንዩ በበኩላቸው፥ በኢትዮጵያ የህግ የበላይነትን ከማስጠበቅ ጋር ተያይዞ ጠቅላይ ዐቃቤ ህግ እያከናወነ ያለው ተግባር የሚበረታታ ነው ብለዋል።

ኢትዮጵያ የጀመረችውን የለውጥ ጉዞ ተከትሎ በፍትህ ስርዓቱ ላይ የተጀመረውን ማሻሻያዎች የቻይና መንግስት ሙሉ አቅሙ ድጋፍ ለማድረግ ፍላጎት እንዳለው ምክትል ሚኒስትሩ አክለው ገልጽዋል።

ሐረር እንደገና ነደደች|DW AMHARIC

ሐረር ከተማ መብራት ኃይል ተብሎ በሚጠራዉ አካባቢ የሚገኘዉ የገበያ ማዕከል በእሳት ጋየ። ዛሬ ጠዋት አንድ ሰዓት ተኩል ግድም የተነሳዉ ቃጠሎ ከ200 የሚደርሱ የተለያዩ የንግድ መደብሮችን አዉድሟል። መደብሮቹ በአብዛኛዉ የኤሌክትሮኒክስ፣ የልብስ፣የቤት ቁሳቁሶችና የምግብ ሸቀጠሸቀጦች መገበያያ ነበሩ።ቃጠሎዉ በሰዉ ሕይወት እና አካል ላይ ያደረሰዉ ጉዳት የለም።ቃጠሎዉ እንደተሰማ ወደ ሐረር የተጓዘዉ የድሬዳዋዉ ወኪላችን መሳይ ተክሉ እንደዘገበዉ እሳቱን ለማጥፋት የሐረሪ መስተዳድር የእሳት አደጋ መከላከያ፣ የመከላከያ የምሥራቅ ዕዝ የዉኃ ማመላለሻ ቦቴዎች፤የሐሪሪ ፖሊስ፤የፌደራል መከላከያ ባልደረቦች እና የሐረር ከተማ ነዋሪዎች ሲረባረቡ ነዉ ያረፈዱት። እሳቱ ከቀኑ አራት ሰዓት ግድም ሙሉ በሙሉ ጠፍቷል። መብራት ኃይል ተብሎ በሚጠራዉ አካባቢ የሚገኘዉ የገበያ ማዕከል ቃጠሎ ሲደርስበት ያሁኑ ሁለተኛዉ ነዉ። ነዋሪዎች እንደሚሉት በ2007 እዚሁ ሥፍራ የተነሳ ቃጠሎ በርካታ መደብሮችን አዉድሞ ነበር። የገበያ ማዕከሉ ሸዋበር ከሚባለዉ አካባቢ ወደ መብራት ኃይል በጊዚያዊነት የዞረዉ በ2002 ሸዋ በር ላይ በደረሰበት ቃጠሎ ምክንያት ነበር። ይሕ ማለት ማዕከሉ በእሳት ሲጋይ ያሁኑ ሰወስተኛዉ ነዉ።የዛሬዉ ቃጠሎ መነሻም ሆነ በንብረት ላይ ያደረሰዉ ጉዳት ትክክለኛ መጠን በዉል አልታወቀም።ፖሊስ ጉዳዩን እያጣራ መሆኑን አስታዉቋል

Ethiopia to ban motorcycle in capital city to control crimes

ADDIS ABABA, June 19 (Xinhua) — The mayor of Ethiopia’s capital city Addis Ababa Takele Uma on Wednesday said a ban on motorcycle use will be implemented in the city starting from July 7, in a bid to curb rising criminality.

Speaking to local journalists, Takele said criminals have in recent months been using motorcycles to engage in assaults and robberies of Addis Ababa residents.

“Addis Ababa city administration will impose a ban on the use of motorcycles in the city starting July 7,” Takele said.

“However, the ban will not affect those conducting licensed businesses with motorcycles, those who use motorcycles as postal carriers and motorcycles used by diplomatic missions,” said Takele.

He also said the motorcycle use ban was implemented in the city after a one-week long study revealed many criminal activities are done using motorcycles.

Takele also said the Addis Ababa city administration will impose a ban on travel by most freight vehicles in the city during day time to alleviate the rising traffic congestion in the city.

Addis Ababa, a city of an estimated 5 million plus population is generally considered a safe city for residents and expats.

However, rising incidences of violent crimes using motorcycles and cars have alarmed residents and officials.