Agricultural Transformation Council

Agricultural Transformation Council Regulation No.198/2010 Agricultural Transformation Council and Agency Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation

National HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Council

Proclamation No. 79/1997 Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization Proclamation

Federal Sports Council

Proclamation No. 12/1995 Sports Commission Establishment Proclamation

National Science and Technology council

Proclamation No. 7/1995 Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission Establishh1entProclamation

Environmental Protection Council

Proclamation No. 9/1995 Environmental Protection Authority Establishment Proclamation

Advocates’ Disciplinary Council

Proclamation No. 199/2000 Federal Courts Advocates Licensing and Registration Proclamation

Council of Commissioners (Police)

Proclamation No. 207/2000 Federal Police Proclamation

Joint Council

Joint Council (of the Federal and Regional Police Commissioners)

Management Council

Management Council comprising the Commissioners, Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners

Proclamation No. 313/2003 Federal Police Commission Proclamation

Similarly also in Proclamation No. 365/2003 Federal Prisons Commission Establishment Proclamation

Advisory Council

(Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage)

Proclamation No. 209/2000 Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage Proclamation

Council of Commissioners (Ethiopian Human Rights Commission)

Proclamation No. 210/2000 Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Establishment Proclamation

Council of Ombudsman (Institution of the Ombudsman)

Proclamation No. 211/2000 Institution of the Ombudsman Establishment Proclamation

Council of Constitutional Inquiry

Proclamation No. 250/2001 Council of Constitutional Inquiry Proclamation

Ethiopian National Security Council

Proclamation No. 257/2001 Ethiopian National Security Council Establishment Proclamation

Veterinary council

Proclamation No. 267/2002 Animal Diseases Prevention and Control Proclamation

National Intellectual Property Council

Proclamation No. 320/2003 Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office Establishment Proclamation

Council (Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Associations)

Proclamation No. 341/2003 Chambers of Commerce and Sectorial Association Establishment Proclamation

Training council (Justice Sector Personnel Training Center)

Proclamation No. 364/2003 the Justice Sector Personnel Training Center Establishment Proclamation

Technical and Vocational Education and Training Council

Proclamation No.391/2004 Technical and Vocational Education and Training Proclamation

Appeal Hearing Council

Proclamation No. 409/2004 Refugee Proclamation

Standards and Certification Council

Proclamation No.413/2004 A Proclamation to amend the Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia establishment proclamation

National Statistics Council

Proclamation No. 442/2005 Central Statistics Authority Establishment Proclamation

Organic Agricultural Product Council

Proclamation No. 488/2006 Ethiopian Organic Agriculture System Proclamation

The council is to established be established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development; and the members comprising from inspection and certification bodies and operators: whose function is to resolve issues on’ certification and inspection operations

Federal Judicial Administration Council

Proclamation No.684/2010 Amended Federal Judicial Administration Council Establishment Proclamation

Repealed previous establishment act; Proclamation No.24/1996 Federal Judicial Administration Commission Establishment Proclamation

Ethiopian Millennium festival National Council

Council of Ministers Regulation No. 117/2005 Ethiopian Millennium festival National Council Establishment Council of Ministers Regulations

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