University & College

University & College




Adama University

Reg No.120-2006 Adama University Establishing Council

Reg No. 237 Adamo Science and Tedmology University

Contact information


Website: www.adama-university.net

Addis Ababa University

Reg No. 214-2011 Addis Ababa University Re-establishment

Contact information

Addis Ababa

Website: http://aau.edu.et

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University

Regulation No. 216-2011 Addis Ababa Science and Technology University Re-establishment

Addis Ababa

Adigrat University

Regulation No. 223 Adigrat University Establishment


Aksum University

Regulation No. 225 Axum University Establishment

Contact information


Website: http://aksumuniversity.org/

Ambo University College

Regulation No. 212 Ambo University Establishment

Contact information


Website: www.ambou.edu.et

Arba Minch University

Regulation No. 111-2004 Arbaminch University Establishing Council of Ministers Regulation

Regulation No. 235-2011 Arba Minch University Re-Establishment

Contact information

Arba Minch

Website: http://amu.edu.et

Asosa University

Regulation No. 215-2011 Assosa University establishment


Bahir Dar University

Regulation No. 60-1999 Bahir Dar University Establishment

Regulation No. 234 Bahir Dar University Re-establishment

Contact information

Bahir Dar

website: www.bdu.edu.et/

Bule Hora University

Regulation No. 213 Bule Hora University Establishment

Bule Hora

Debre Birhan University

Regulation No. 228 Debre Birhan University Establishment

Contact information

Debre Birhan

Website: www.dbu.edu.et

Debre Markos University

Regulation No. 227 Debre Markos University Establishment

Contact information

Debre Markos

Website: www.dmu.edu.et

Debre Tabor University

Regulation No. 229 Debre Tabor Uniltrsity ESLablishment

Debre Tabor

Dilla University

Regulation No. 238 Dilla University Re-establishment

Regulation No. 129-2006 to establish the Dilla University

Contact information


Website: www.dillauniversity.edu.et

Dire Dawa University

Regulation No. 230 Dire Dawa University Establishment

Contact information

Dire Dawa

Website: www.ddu.edu.et

Gonder University

Regulation No. 112-2004 Gonder University Establishing Council of

Regulation No. 241 Gonder University Re-establishment

Contact information


Website: www.uog.edu.et

Haramaya University

Regulation No.123-2006 Alemaya University of Agriculture Establishment

Regulation No. 232 Haramaya University Re-establishment

Contact information


website: www.haramaya.edu.et/

Hawassa (Debub) University

Regulation No. 62-1998 Debub University establishment Council of M

Regulation No. 127-2006 Debub University Establishe

Regulation No. 231 Hawassa University Re-establishment

Contact information


Website: http://www.hu.edu.et/

Jigjiga University

Regulation No. 226 Jigjiga University Establishment

Contact information
Telephone: +251 257-755933,
Fax:     +251-257-755976
P.O.Box: 1020 Jigjiga Ethiopia

E-mail: jju@ethionet.et
Website: http://www.jju.edu.et

Jimma University

Regulation No. 63-1999 Jimma University Establishment Council of M

Regulation No. 240 Jimma University Re-establishment

Contact information


Website: http://www.ju.edu.et

Mada Walabu University

Regulation No. 236-2011 Meda Wolabu University Establishment

Contact information

Robe / Bale

Website: www.mwu.edu.et

Mekelle University

Regulation No. 61-1999 Mekelle University Establishment Council of

Contact information


Website: www.mu.edu.et

Metu University

Regulation No. 239 Metu University Establishment

Contact information


Mizan Tepi University

Regulation No. 224 Mizan Tepi University Establishment

Contact information


Semera University

Regulation No. 211-2011 Semera University Establishment

Contact information


Website: www.su.edu.et

Wachamo University

Regulation No. 222 Wachamo University Establishment

Contact information


Welkite University

Regulation No. 219-2011 Wolkite University Establishment

Contact information


Wolaita Sodo University

Regulation No. 218-2011 Wolita Sodo University Establishment

Contact information


Website: www.wsu.edu.et

Woldiya University

Regulation No. 220-2011 Woldia University Establishment

Contact information


Wollega University

Regulation No. 217-2011 Wellega University Establishment

Contact information


Website: www.wuni.edu.et

Wollo University

Regulation No. 221 Wello University Establishment

Contact information

Dessie / Kombolcho


Ethiopian Police University

Regulation No. 132 Ethiopian Police University



Saint Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College

Contact information

Email: alemfikire@yahoo.com

Regulation No. 200 Saint Paul Hospital Millenium Medical College Establishment

Civil service College

Regulation no. 3-1988 Civil service college establishment

Regulation No.121-2006 Ethiopian Civil Service College Re-Establishment

Contact information

Website: www.ecsc.edu.et

National Defense University College

Regulation No. 68-2001 National Defense University College Establishment


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    Posted by Gulilat | December 28, 2015, 10:12 am

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