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  1. እባክህ ኣዲሱን ኣሰሪና ሰራተኞች ኣዋጅ ላክልኝ። ኣመሰግናለው።

  2. Hello there?
    Could you please upload an English version of the industrial policy?
    Thank you and kind regards,

  3. please, If it can possible, I ask you to send through my email,all Federal proclamation,regulation and the relative directive which release until end of this year(2013 E.C).

  4. please attach የአካባቢ ጥበቃ የመሬት አስተዳደርና አጠቃቀም አዋጅ 89/1989

  5. please send me the new Ethiopian Covid 19 Emergency proclamation and fire arms control proclamation

  6. Dear Abrish!, I need the recent federal government’s transport policy/proclamation/regulation of Ethiopia. Please send me @ tagesse2008@gmail.com. Thank you very much for your good work and kindness.

  7. please send me the new Ethiopian Covid 19 Emergency proclamation and fire arms control proclamation

  8. Dear Abraham…..now it is 2012 and still I can’t access the 2011 laws (Both Proclamations and regulations) so…….can you please post them as soon as possible

  9. In the past years the Ethiopian people were not allowed to red and understand the laws of the land. Then people were exposed to different crimes unknowingly. your works are know helping many to have awareness on the laws of the land. Thankyou very much.

  10. Dear Abraham, i hope all is well with you. Please send me the new Labour Proclamation 1156/2019.

  11. Hello Abraham, if its not too much of a trouble I was hoping if you could send me the new Transportation allowance proclamation. Thank you very much.

  12. I am ,by qualification,an LL M ,however,I have got a great problem with the application of past regime laws as If a government and its constitution are changed, why do the laws of the fallen state and the constitution continue in the new government, such as the civil code, commercial code, civil, and criminal procedures of the time of Haile Selassie I?

  13. Since a government and its constitution are changed, why are the laws of the fallen government and the constitution continued to exist in the new government?

  14. Please send me comparative thesis analysis on investmrnt laws of ethiopis with international investment law

  15. እባክህ ኣዲሱን ኣሰሪና ሰራተኞች ኣዋጅ ላክልኝ። ኣመሰግናለው።

  16. እባክህ አዲሱ አሰሪና ሰራተኛ አዋጅ/2011 ላክልኝ አመሰግናለሁ!

  17. hello, it may be a bit odd for me to be asking this, I am an American scholar who is interested in other countries legal systems, this site has been very usefull for that purpose, but I was wondering anyone knew where I could find Proclamation no. 7/1992 ?

  18. Would you please send me National Bank of Ethiopia directive # FXD/41/2012 if you have; Thank you in advance.

  19. Ato Abraham; My very sincere appreciation for the wonderful job providing reference services for the laws. I am seeking the Ethiopian laws governing Venture Capital and Private Equity.

  20. Hello Abraham, if its not too much of a trouble I was hoping if you could send me the new labor law. Thank you very much.

    1. አብርሽ ካላስቸገርኩህ በከተማልማት ሚኒስትር የተዘጋጀ አለም አቀፍ ደረጃውን የጠበቀ የግንባታ ውል ላክልኝ

  21. What about the new labor proclamation ratified on July 4,2019 .please address us.thank you.yitbarek

  22. አብርሃም አንተ ጌታ ይባርክህ!! የ 2010 እና 2011 ዓ.ም የወጡ አዋጁ ላክልኝ

    1. Dear abrish,I kindly request you to send the recent telecommunication and labour proclamation

  23. አቶ አብርሃም ለምታደርገው ጥረት አያመሰገንኩኝ የወ/መ/ስ/ስ/ሕግ ማሻሽያ ኣዋጆች 51/1968.፡ 11/79.፡11/85 .፡39/85.፡74/86 የሆኑት አምስቱ ኣዋጆች ተባበረኝ

  24. Dear Abrish, Can I get a proclamation that established the New FDRE Cabinet which passed recently (2011 E.C)

  25. Dear Abraham,
    Sorry to hear that you were hurt in accident. I am happy also that you recovered quickly. Please would you let me know if the Negarit Gazeta was out pon the current cabinet formation?
    Best regards,

  26. Brother,I was just wondering and now I found the answer.get well soon and may God protect us all from such accidents.
    Nawed kedir

    1. Why don’t people be polite & grateful for a priceless assistance they’re seeking from this great blog owner,Mr. ABRAHAM? please, let”s use “may I ask your kind assistance, ……
      if you may help me with……,would you please. …
      Rather than

      Can I ask if you send me…proclamation. …”

      Let’s all be polite while seeking his unlimited generousity.any one complaining for free help being at the recipient end ……..or just use let’s use our local languages.

  27. hi abrish.thanks a lot for your contribution legal material for lawyer.would you send me oromia region prisoners protection regulation please

  28. Dear, Abraham! how u doing? I wish all to be better if not best!
    Abrish! May I get National Regional States Proclamations of Constitutional Interpretation Commission? Would you help me?

    Thanks for your cooperation!

  29. “አዲስ አበባ፣ ጥር 2፣ 2010(ኤፍ.ቢ.ሲ) ዛሬ አስቸኳይ ስብሰባውን ያካሄደው የትግራይ ክልል ምክር ቤት አዳዲስ ሹመቶችን አፅድቋል።

    በዚህም መሰረት ምክር ቤቱ ዶክተር ደብረፅዮን ገብረሚካኤልን የክልሉ ምክትል ርዕሰ መስተዳድር አድርጎ ሾሟል።

    ዶክተር ደብረፅዮን የምክር ቤቱ አባል ባለመሆናቸው በክልሉ ህገመንግስት መሰረት ርእሰ መስተዳድር ሆነው መሾም ስለማይችሉ ነው በምክትል ርእሰ መስተዳደርነት የተሾሙት።

    ሆኖም የክልሉን መንግስት ካቢኔ የመምራት እና የርእሰ መስተዳድሩን ሀላፊነት ተክተው መስራት እንደሚችሉ ተመልክቷል።

    ዶክተር ደብረፅዮን በምክትል ርእሰ መስተዳደርነት በምክር ቤቱ ቃለ መሃላ ፈፅመዋል።” is it legal?

  30. Dear Abrish, hope you are doing great, my appreciations bro for your support regarding legal instruments, may God bless you & your family! Dear bro, I am in need of your support on the following: “Ethiopia is one of the state parties in the 1951 UN Convention & 1967 UN protocol relating to the status of refugees. And OAU Convention relating to the specific Aspects of African Refugees, as well. All instruments were acceded and ratified in 1969. My question is: I want to know the proclamation(s) which show the ratification of these instruments in our domestic law.”

    1. Hi Abrish! You done a great to law students really!!! I`m Gezahegn from 5th year Law school of Oromia State University. Now I`m conducting my paper and I need to get a Draft Criminal Procedure of Ethiopia which is in Amharic. So could you help me please?

  31. hello! Abraham, what is the root cause on continuous amendment of Ethiopian different proclamations?,can u illustrate to me the causes and what u say about the solution?

  32. hi Abrish ? if u can please send to me Ethiopian public administration, governance and ethics teaching material and also gender,law and development.thanks in advance

  33. Dear Abrham,I thank you for your help.However my comment is except for their constitution, its totally not possible to get access to regional state laws. please, do something with it.

  34. Hi Abrish! Is it possible to post Proc. 681/02, missing from the list. Please try.

  35. አቶ አብራሀ የህግ ስርፀት እንዲኖር የምታደርገው ጥረት ሊበረታታ ይገባል እኛልኩኝ አነድ ጥያቄ አለኝ እሱም በአገራችን የአውራጅና ጫን ለኩንታል ስንት እንድሆነ በህግ የጠቀመጠ አለወይ?

  36. Hi,Ato Abreham,Thank you so much for your effort,and dedication. Please can you help me to get the new cooperative proclamation no.985/2016.of Ethiopia.God bless you.

  37. Abrham first of all i would like to thanks about your best works regarding to legal aspects, can you send me Holding company proclamation or proclamation number.

  38. Hi Abrish endet nek.የወንጀል ህግ ሀተታ ዘምክንያት ፖስት ብታደርግልኝ ደስታዬ ወደር የለውም።

  39. Dear Abriham; indeed, reliability, efficiency and modernity are the hallmark and yours website distinguishing features, I thank you…. If you can pleas sent Civil code Amharic version by email

  40. thankyou abrham for your unlimited effort to provide us with all new legal issues please would you send me adebate on land expropriation and compensation aprogram by amicus meadia promotion and communication at email tegenementa47@gmail.com

  41. Hi Abrish. My admiration is in place as usual. I could not locate The Obligatory Use of Sales Register Machine Council of Ministers Regulation No. 139/2007. Please, post it is within your reach.

  42. Abrish,
    first of all I would like to raise my appreciation for serving all citizen in regard to legal issue. Me too I have one question to ask? Is labor proclamation 377/2003 equally applicable to both gov’t employees and private or non-governmental organization workers? In addition to that, please let me know your response on the working time for breast feeding mothers per day in gov’t office?

  43. Thank you so much
    me eyerusalem cheru @ rocketmail.com please review the maternity leave detail information
    thankyou again

  44. Hi Abrham can I get information on How do couple divided when they divorced the house constructed on the premises of once own land tenure? your immediate response as usaual is very appreciated.

    1. dear Abrham, extending my great appreciation for your extended hand in availing laws and other related materials for lawyers, law students, law academiations and others, i would like to request you to post the imperial regime land legislations that you have. Many thanks for your honorable co-operation.

    1. hi Abraham. i wanna to appreciate u for ur effort in accessing the ethiopian laws. pls could u send book. to z following my adress.

  45. hi Abraham. i wanna to appreciate u for ur effort in accessing the ethiopian laws. pls could u send me proc No 881 and 882 of the revised corruption proclamation. to z following my adress.

    1. Dear Mr,
      I would like to appreciate your contribution for the laborers which are found in different parts of
      Ethiopia through providing appropriate information.
      like wise I wanna to get the following laws if possible
      -proclimation no 813/2006 e.c., 881,882,883 of 2007 e.c. related to anti-Corruption, 943/2008 of pp

  46. Dear Abraeham
    i am always appreciate your blog and its amazing access of Ethiopian laws and i use all my task to complete successfully.

    please would you send me:1 nationality law on 1931, 1987, constitution of Ethiopia ( may be articles journals and and any commentaries)
    :essay or articles about condominium administration in addis ababa and dire dewa
    thank you for reading

  47. hi Abresh how doyou do?
    next i would ask 1. federal health profession carrier directives
    2. does federal health professionals has got promotion and carrier structure benefit simultaneously?

  48. this is new for me. it is very good programme to all ethiopian society and especially for lawyers to have common understanding on ethiopian regulation. so keep it so support all citizens and pleace advertize the programme to all. so i want to ask one question; when one civil servant has take a properity of government from his organization and he use it for any governmental work. when he goes for training from his organization through the governmental programme at the governmental office. one day the properity had lost from the governmental office at day time. who is accontable for the lost of the properity the taker civil servant or the hosted office(the training programme taken place)?

  49. in simple words I appreciate and thanks for all your efforts, you allow as to get Important documents easily and accessibly.

  50. Hello, first i would like to express my appreciation of all your hard work, I’ve been using chilot.me fit done years now. I was looking for proclamation 551/2007, the establishment of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Authority. But the entry you have listed for it links to Proclamation 550/2007. Can you please rectify this asap? Birhanina Selam have none in stock . . .


  51. የእስረኞች መብት በኢትዮጵያ በምነ ላይ በዝርዝር ላገኝ እችላለው?

  52. Hi Abersh how is it going ? how can you help me to understand financial reporting

  53. ቆንጂት እባላለሁ በቅድሚያ ስለትብብርህ እያመሰገንኩ
    የጡረታ አዋጅ ቁጥር 345/95 ከዛ በኃላ የወጣ አለ ወይ ? ሌላው ደግሞ አንድ ሠራተኛ የጡረታ ጊዜው ደርሶ እንዲወጣ ከተደረገ በኋላ ለቦታው /ለሥራው/አስፈላጊ ሆኖ ከተገኘ የሥራ ዕድሜውን ለማራዘም ሀላፊ ከመፍቀዱ በፊት ከስንት ወር በፊት ነው ለሠራተኛው የሚነገረው የጊዜ ገደቡ ሶስት ወር ነው ወይስ ስድስት ወር

    1. hello and welcome am zenebe dejen
      from jig jiga university i would like to ask my dear that can a person involve both in spritual and bussines activity are protect and regulate by proclamation no 377/2003?

  54. ስለምታደርገዉ የህግ ድጋፍ ከልብ እያመሰገንኩ በርታ ቀጥልበት እያልኩ ማህበራዊ ዋስትና ወይም ፕሮቨደንት ፈንድ ተጠቃሚ ከሆነ የስራ ስንብት ክፍያ ይከፈላል ወይ

  55. ሰላም ደንበኛየ እባክህ የመረጃ ነፃነት ኣዋጅን ላክልኝ በጥብቅ እፈልገዋለሁ

  56. I am a deaf person who wanted to have all disability related Laws and directives (Negarit Gazeta and others). could you please send me any forms(PDF is preferable) of these documents? I would be very fortunate to have them and would apprecate your help so mach.

  57. My brother works before 3 year in government and he is now personal construction license, and my question is, he get his license is before 8 months,
    After he left government work he is working organized with 4 people and they work road, and house building. .
    After 3 year federal government they start investigate and said before three years with this license and this name money taked out
    Then, they arrested my brother yesterday…
    Can you give me reason what is going on and what we have to do?

  58. thank you Abrish for everything you support us. i would like to ask one thing in reference to Ethiopian law for how long i keep financial data & documents?

  59. እንዴት ነህ አቤ አንድ ግራ የገባኝ ጥያቄ ነበር ከፕሮክላሜሽን አንጻር ብትረዳኝ በኮንስትራክሽን ሥራ ላይ በቀን ቀን ሥራ ተቀጥረው የሚሠሩ ሠራተኞች በተከታታይ ወራትቢሠሩ ለምሳሌ 8 ወር ሰርተው ሥራው ስለተጠናቀቀ ቢቋረጥ የሚያገኙት የዓመት ፈቃድ ነው ይስ ምንድነው ሰፋ አድርገህ ብታብራራልኝ ለአንድ ኘሮጀክት ተብሎ በተደረገ የጊዜያው ቅጥር ማለቴ ነው አመሰግናለሁ ጊዜህን ስለሰጠህኝ

  60. Abrish. Pls send me written materials on the constitutional ity of the right to lease their lands grant under pro.456/2005.:

  61. abrish Is there a new pension proclamation which is enacted in this year?if u have please send to me?

  62. የጡረታ አዋጅ ቁጥር 345/95 ከዛ በኃላ የወጣ አለ ወይ ?ካለህ ላክልኝ

  63. Dear Mr,

    I would like to appreciate your contribution for the laborers which are found in different parts of Ethiopia through providing appropriate information.

    I have the following major concerns in relation to compensation payment.

    1. I have been working in one of International NGO for the last two consecutive years at after signing contract agreement. Currently the organization has phaseout and give me termination letter and work certificate by paying only Severance for two years and Pension. The organization did not paid compensation to the staff according to the Ethiopian Labour proclamation number 377/2003.

    *** My question is that; is there any compensation payment according to Ethiopian Lab our rule (One month salary for staff working a year and less than a year and two months salary for the staff having more than one year work experience?

    *** Does the organization obliged to pay compensation whether indicated on the organization Human Resource Manual or not??

    Finally i am waiting your response and support me in which direction should i follow to ask my personal right?

    Kindly regards,

  64. Please load down the”Regulation of registered construction parties, contractors & consultants “

    1. እንደም ዋልክ አዋጅ ቁጥር 813/2013 ሊጭንልኝ አልቻለም እና ብትጭንልኝ ለስራ ፈልጌው ነበር

  65. please do me a fever in sending trade competition and consumers protection no. 813/2013 please.

  66. I want to thank u in advance as u r providing peoples who r in need of pertinent laws wzout reciving finacial award.but getting phscological and mental satisfaction.

  67. I am in need of Trade Competition and Consumers’ Protection Proclamation No. 813/2013 from Abrish

  68. Great for all you are doing, Abraham. Having said this i need to have Handicap International policy, and please send me if you have.

  69. Dear Abrham Yohannes, Do you get Ethiopian Financial reporting proclamation, (Proclamation 847/2014)

  70. ጤና ይስጥልኝ እንደምን አለህ? ከሥራ የስንብት ክፍያን በተመለከተ የአሠሪና ሠራተኛ አዋጅ ፫፻፸፯/፩፱፻፺፮- አንቀፅ 39 ንዑስ አነቀፅ ፩ ሥር የተጨመሩድንጋጌዎች(ሰ ፣ ሸ ና ቀ)ላይ ተሻሽሎ የቀረበው አዋጅ PF ያላቸውን ተጠቃሚ አያደርግም ማለት ነውን?

  71. አሰቀድሞ በክልል በዞን ዞንግ ለወጥ ተደርጎ እንድሰጥ የወሰነው መሬት ይሰጣል
    አይሰጥም ? የመሬት አዋጅ ምን ምላሽ አለው ?

  72. betam dese belehegnale bazu negerochen kante temeriealehu gene 813/2013 proclamation felegie atahu betelekelegne dese yelegnale

  73. hello Ato abrham selam neh keahun befit comment adrgie almelesklegnem .serah betam yemimesgen bemehonu hulugize eketatelalehu. keseraye gar betam seletemechegn be email contact betadergegn des yilegnal , seray public prosecutor new, add.0911722837.sisay937@gmail.com. bye

  74. thanks for your promote response what i mean is i want you field research on adult prisoners right.

  75. Dear Abriham,
    i hope every thing is well with you.
    please send me a sample field proposal in prisoners right at police station.
    best regards!

  76. Abr she endet neh.i know u are creative,esp ur teachind method. I am attorney & consultant @ law, i need update pro. Especially 2005 .if u have please attache on ur webesite.tnx

  77. o this blog what a solution for any legal instrument of Ethiopia i really like it …..wow…wow…..

  78. Abrham I need proclamation no.813/2013 proclamation on trade competition and consumers protection.please post on your page.

  79. Abrish! endet yizohal? Betam tiru eyeserah endehone manim yimesekiral biye aminalehu…. keep it up! I am one of your students at Haramaya University. Please Abrish send me proclamation no 813/2014

  80. please send to me through my email -a copy/draft proclamation of Financial statment preparation & reporting , which was proclamed ( approved ) by the House of Representatives of Ethiopia in June 2014.

  81. please, can you send me the directive (proclaimed 2001) which allows Eritreans to reclaim their property? if u can make promptly.with due regard in advance friend.

  82. i would like this blog for more opportunty law school students.i would find proc no.25/88.

  83. I would like to say thanks for those who took this responsibility and i find proclamation 813/….

  84. I dearly ask you the law regarding about my problem I am an importer and my products have been stolen in Ethiopian airlines warehouse worth of more than 300,000 birr and I don’t know what to do they say put claim but they pay per kilo 20USA dollar and its out of the ?

  85. pls send forest &non forest product for Enterprise manual & proclamation number in Ethiopia

  86. how many first instance court in addis abeba city?& post to my email yeka bench backgroud?

  87. Hi guys we could have done far better but not favored politically. So watch-out please. Do not clap for politically favored fake mind!!!!

    1. The relationship among regional and federal public relation is too low.so, how can we improve this problem?

  88. hey abrish i admire you greately please send me directives made on 542/2007 forest development and natural resource

  89. hi my dear friend tanks for your effort to access to law eassly. if you can download all procalamtion and regulation of the region.

  90. please my brother would u send Zikre hig 9/96 e.c and directive no.2/2001 e.c. let me raise a question. Is there any directive for 103/2004 e.c article 9/6 and 7 i.e to be legalized unlawful possession?

  91. Sidist sawoch bagorf (flood) mikiniyat tafanaqilaw ketema mestedadiru kiyare bota yisexachewal bawaqitu chigru aschakuway silahona karta pilan sayisaxachaw botw lay bet sartaw yinoralu kazam bahuwala amistu karta pilan yisaxachawal. And inat gin karta pilan sayawaxu bahiwot yalfalu /died/. Lijiyew lij silamahonu ka fird bet maregagaca yi saxawuna lane yishaxilinyal. malatim basafar wul nagar gin wulu bawakitu kebele filed honuwal. sawuyewum bahiwot alefu. Ahun ine betu wusx iyanorku naw sim keyirulign silachaw sawuyew wukilina yisixih alugn iski min ladirg mala balugn. Thanks!

  92. Dear Aberham , How are you ? If you get the following proclamation please deliver me. Thank you so much.
    1. New land administration proclamation
    2. Ethiopian privatization agency establishment proclamation

  93. ስራህንና ቅንነትህን ስለሚያስደሰተኝ አከብራሃሎሁኝ የምፈልገውን እውነተኛ መረጃ ካንተን አገኛለሁ፡፡ በመሆኑም የህግ ተማሪ ባልሆንም ስለህግ እንዳስብ እና እንድጠይቅ ስላስቻልከኝ አመሰግንአሎሁ፡፡ ሌላ የምጠይቅህ ቢኖር ከስራ የተሰናበተ ሰራተኛ ዕንዴት ወደስራ መመለስ ይቻላል?

    1. 9 amet keserahubet yemengst sira tesenabetku … Lije tama fikad salwesd kesra botaye lay bemetfat bemil miknyat … yetri mastawekiya bewtabgn be 2 gna kenu siraye lay tegegnche neber
      min yishalal amakregn

  94. yikirta andi xiyake liteyik kalasichegerku. yim awaj 377/96 wuchi yehonu yesira meriwoch yemiyakerbut kis befitaber higu mehonu yitawekal. gin dagninet yikefilalu? lele demo gudayun yemiyayewu fird bet bebiru meten new silitanu yemiwesenew weyis inde 377/96 yemiyakifachew serategna new?

  95. አብርሃም በጣም ነው የማከብርህና የምወድህ ይህን መሰል አገልግሎት ለወገኖችህ እየሰጠህ በመሆንህ ማለቴ ነው፡፡ አብርሽ ያገኝህ ከሆነ አሁን በ2006 ዓ.ም የመሬት አዋጅ የህዝብ/ተ/ ም/ቤት ያወጣውን በዚሁ ላይ ብትልክልኝ የምልህ የንተው ወንድ መስፍን አለሙ ፡፡ መልካም የገና እና የጥምቀት በዓል የሁንልህ!! ከሐረር

  96. dear I was watching for rular land proclamation 89/89 for the past two weeks at last U …./rular land proclamation 89/1989

  97. ታሀወሳስ 17 ቀን 2006 ዓ.ም.
    ውድ አብርሃም በቅድሚያ ጊዜህን መስዋዕት በማድረግ ለሕብረተሰቡ የምትሰጠው የሕግ ማብራሪያዎችና ማጣቀሻ የሕግ ሰነዶች እመሰገንኩ መልካም ፈቃድህን በመጠየቅ የሸማቾች የህብረት ሥራ ማህበር ማቋቋሚያ አዋጅ 685/2000 በተለመደው ደሬ ገጽህ እንዲትልክልኝ ከታላቅ አክብሮት ጋር አቀርባለሁ፡፡

    ከሠላምታ ጋር

    ምትኩ አሰፋ

  98. I admire you Aberham, this is the only reference website to read the current proclamations & regulations specially lawyers,keep it up!!

  99. betam talaqe sera newu beteley lkefelhagerochu legna bechegna reference newu egeziabehar yebarkeh

  100. hi abreham you are a great man i appericiate you . pls, send me the federal budget law i need it for reference.thank you a lot!!

  101. Hi, Abrish it is interesting would u have the minutes of the constitutional Assembly of FDRE constitution

  102. Dear Abrish ! really; you are heartily serving us to make a law school student . enameseginalen Abrish berta.

  103. Hi Abrish,whenever i browse in to Ethiopian Legal Brief web-page,i feel confident that i can get all laws in Ethiopia.In fact i deed it.But sometimes i couldn’t manage to download or get some procs. in index,some teaching materials and judicial training materials.How can i solve these problems?

    Really i appreciate your effort.You are our Spoon…,we can be competent and up to date in our careers as lawyers.Thank you.

  104. Dear Abrahm,you really discharged ur responsibilities. You have many followers. You are a law school. Abreshi, could you send me the law of insurance module?
    Thanks, Andargie Kassie

  105. Hi Abrish, your work is very nice. I would like to thank you a lot for your invaluable effort. I want to access 2005E.C Exit Exam of law schools. Can you help me how I can access it? Would you attach that material to your website address please?
    Thanks in advance.

  106. hello Abraham,please help me in finding the new draft proclamation on fighting corruption in private sector i need it for my research paper

  107. Hi Abrsh! u fine? how can I find proclamation number 25/92 w/c is about establishment of public enterprises?

  108. እባክህን የፀረ ሽብር ህጉን ልትልክልኝ ትችላለህ? አመሰግናለሁ

  109. Hello Mr. Abraham!!
    How is work? nice l am fine . l appreciate your activities too. i.e we lawyers can get avery nice information for our proffesional works. Me as a lawyer respect you ! But now can l have teaching materials on correction and rehablitation of prisoners in the prison ?
    Thank you !

  110. Dear Abrham, how are you? I’m glad to be a member.
    And can I please have the proc, regulation or directive that deals with Ertrians ownership of immovable property in Ethiopia. please i need it badly .Thanks a lot

  111. I am so sorry not to join to these interested lawyers before today, but for future I am ready to share with you every thing i can and i really apperiate all the contribution

  112. Dear, Ato Abrham Yohannes
    You are contributed a lot for the progress of legal system by delivering easily accessible legal issues. Following your kind response, I want to have the new ERCA Dividend Tax Circular. If you can get?
    Finally, I would like to say thank you so much! Certainly, your valuable professional work aid and assist professional and to all individuals at large in commerce and law.

  113. dear abreham
    i’m solomon atsbeha from mekelle university i need your help how i can found littigation planing in ethiopias perspectives? 10Q.

  114. I’m very honored to have been one of your students of law department in Haramaya University. I’ve always admire u for all your knowledge and method of teaching and now i just want to say thank u for being concerned and taking the time to update us all with our country’s different laws. You r indeed one of a kind. Thumbs up for u Mr.Abreham!!! Please keep it up.

  115. Hi, Abreham these materials are so interesting would u have the minutes of the constitutional assembly of the current FDRE constitution please? If u have it lemd me by the above mentioned e-mail address.with best regards….

  116. Dear Mr Abraham, I am really astonished to see such awesome kind of commitment to make us know to our working laws. Please may I ask you something ? Hopefully you are saying go on boy, would you please send me the 616/2008, Ethiopian Civil Aviation Restablishment Proclamation through my email address indicated above ? Am expecting your response sir. Thanks in advance.

  117. Hi Abreham it is really a great commitment. please keep it up. May i bother u to send me Establishment Proclamations of Ministry of Civil service And Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Ethiopia?

  118. Assefa G.
    I have one deal on issue of lending some one but one has acused me as i have taken some amount of money from him.The application is seen in the kebele court but they did not ask him to bring the written evidences they simply gave me the application and i gave the answer that i have never taken any thing from him.What i am going to ask is on my aswer i did not mention any thing about article which explaines if some has given above 500ETH he must submit an evidence however i did not write this article in my answer.So what would you suggest about?

    1. Mr.Asefa it’s not mandatorly necessarly for u to mention the article. If u answer that u haven’t borrowed any money that is enough. The one who sued u is the party that has the burden of proof and since the amount of money is > 500 he will be asked for a written contract of loan. And he won’t be able to prove it other wise. So don’t worry just stick to saying he hasn’t lend me any money. I hope this answer is helpful.

  119. Dear Bro Abraham
    please, would you be kind to post some Legal Notice you think are active yet- specially, Legal Notice or Decree about Court Fee?
    thank you!

  120. It is interesting to get notice of laws in which accessibility of laws is a leeway for legal research.I thank you , Mr.Abraham.

  121. Hi Dear! Can u send me ‘Drug Administration and Control Proclamation of 1999’ and also ‘Pharmacy Regulation No. 288/1964’ Please? Thank U!

  122. dear abresh,what’s up?? could u tell me any workes on rule of law,separation of power & due proceess of law vs administrative law other than your material!!!

  123. dear Abrham thank you for every thing how can i found Federal regulation of 2004E.C please tell me

  124. DEAR Abrham how are you am glad to be member. and please i need badly a number of proclamation, regulation and directives about investment,tax,custom,rural land,privet worker laws of ethiopia. thank you a lot

  125. that is my first time to write to you…it is just to express my feeling and to appreciate your efforts…tnx once again.

  126. abrish,pls make me one favour that is did you know the land proculamation no 31/67 ?,if so pls post it on my email or in ur blog.

  127. Hi Abreham i thank u first and would you help me how i can get proclamation no 780/2013.Thanks again.

  128. Abreham, i admired for what you are doing. espiacialy it has a great inportnace for lawyres like me. but pls. it is better if u get and attech the legal notices and orders.

  129. I really thank you for making accessible all laws!! it will be good if amharic version of those laws be there

  130. Hi abrish. How can i get the amharic version of PROCLAMATION NO.434/2005

  131. Dear abraham and other contributors of this patriotic work, i have no enough words to express my urgent need for downloadable link to get Draft Evidence Rule, by the way, i’m tired of searching the teaching material on law of civil procedure especially the one prepared by the justice and legal research institute.

  132. you are every thing on ethiopian laws. I wonder how you are doing well for the legal professionals whatever their specific duties may be and for what purpose they may search of such laws.for today, my specific problem is to get access for repealed laws on contract law in ethiopia. I hope you might solve in the near future

  133. Dear Abraham,
    Very surprised to see this indeed. What a commitment!
    Can I also ask for Proc. No. 89/1997 on rural land administration? Thank you.

  134. This is a good work and an exceptional one. I wish had wrote you so much but don’t like to waste your time. But I would like to thank you for a job well done. Please try to get me, if you can Regulation No 208/2011, Proclamation No 681/2010 and the new Insurance Proclamation.

  135. dear i am the user of your web blog and it help me for my carier.
    you deserve a thank you and a happy new year!!!
    May the Lord GOD bless you and your family
    if you need any kind of help please contact me, i am happy to extend my hand to you
    With Kind regards

  136. I’ve no words, just to say thank you and express my appreciation for such wonderful commitment and contribution for this poor people. please have strength and select the easy method to search and to get what he want. by by

    1. Dear, Brother Abrham, I wonder your effort and let you keep it.
      Would you mind send me the current Ant-Corruption Proclamation and related materials??
      I Thank you Sir

  137. hellooo
    i’m looking for a list of reapealed tax legislations (Proclamations and Regulations), do u think u can help me with it?

  138. u are a man of action. Dear Abirahim, you were my teacher in Dire Dawa and you taught me law of insurance. I want it badly if you have some insurance notes. God always bless you!

  139. Dear Abrham Thank you very much for your support for our country it is very use full please keep it up.
    in addition to this I have one question about allowance or per dime payment, can I gate some supportive document according to Ethiopian Law?

  140. Hi Abrish,

    I wanted to get a copy of any state legislation on land administration other than that of Tigray, Amhara, Oromia and SNNP. Do you have a copy of such a legislation?

  141. Hi Abrham I appriciate what u r doing, would you mind if you tell me the establishment proclamation for ethiopian justice and legal research institute?
    have a good time

  142. Hi Abrish I give you a great recogniton for Your work. please keep it up ! would You send me federal suprime court cassation decision voliume 13, I have same information for its publication?

  143. just i want to appreciate your work. Abrish would you please provide us proc no 685/2002(trade practice and cosumers protection) .

  144. dear Abrham I apriciarte what you are doing which is so greate. please keep it up!! I have one question where do I get establishment proclamation no. 37/1992 of national tobacco enterprise, please?

  145. This is great, for the development of Ethiopian legal reform.However, u have to participate others person who have a knowledge in the area.Because the loophole of our legal system is very much.Then, it needs the cooperation of of all body particularly public prosecutors and judges.Abresh ! please go on beyond……..

  146. Hi, Dear Abrish U OK? Abirsh i need ur help, would u post me all amendments proclamation on proclamation no,25/96 or 25/88 E.C. To be specific how can the federal highcourt have a jurisdiction over trafficking in persons cases? Think u a lot. bye

  147. Dear Abraham
    Do you hava any material about business law corse in colleges pls send if you can

    1. dear Abrham Yohannes , Do you have any material about Research on Ethiopian Investment Laws ,Proclametion and Regulation course in university for last year student .Pls send if you can. Thank u .


  149. Hi Abrish ! I really appriciate your polite and quick responses.That is what is expected from intellectuals.Excuse me Abrish are you willing to send your response on the following points?HOw does Ethiopia implement canans of taxation regarding certainity,equity,economyandproductivity?

  150. Hi Dear respected Instructor Abrham ! How are You , How is Z works and Other Social Lifes. Im am sure Every thing is well done !
    Abrish, If You have the “Inventions Minor Inventions and Industrial Designs Proclamation No. 123/1987 E.C or !23/1995 G.C ” Please Help Me ( send to Me ).

    Thank You A !

  151. dear abriham
    you are contributing a lot to justice system of ethiopia. Hence, you have to be proud off!!!. Having said, please send me some materials on the issue of accessibility right to the physical environment for persons with disabilities including national policy and strategy of social affairs, Addis Ababa City government building regulation no. 17-2004, Ministry of Council regulation no. 243-2011, building directive no. 5-20011 of the ministry of urban development and construction. Thank you in advance.

  152. hey, abrham! how are u? I admire u. how can I get proclamations before 1991 that are not amended? God bless you.

  153. Hello Abrham,

    With continuous appreciation for your good job, I request for your assistant to indicate to me which proclamation deals with cancellation of taxes and duties levied on exports.

    Thank you

  154. Abrish!

    It is realy a wonderful determination! keep it up! I hope others including me will follow your foot steps to share what we know, what we have and so on….


  155. Dear Abraham,
    Thank you for all of your commitment and contribution for the development of Ethiopias legal system, creation of awareness to the stakeholders, etc. I hope every body could be in better position to access all of country’s legislations. Keep it up!!

    Also, I like to thank you all for playing this significant role for develoment of justice sector, enrichment of knowledge of law students, graduates, academicians, professionals and the public in general. It shows that Ethiopia is progressing and her legal system is also promising. I hope if we continue with this passion, nothing could preclude us from achieving our goals and adding value for our beloved country,Ethiopia.

    Keep it up!

  156. This is good start pls. Continue if you can pls. Email me .

    Pro. No1 1995 Constitution of the Federal Gover. Pro. No 2 1995 Declaration of Establishement of Federal Government. My E-mail adress


  157. Hi Abrish u ok? every thing u post is ok interesting.Abrish how do i get ethiopia proclamation which is related to indusrtian sector of ethiopia.thank u.

    1. As per your request, I have tried to identify and compile laws relate to trade and industry. But, remember trade and industry laws are closely tied with other areas of law like investment, intellectual property, tax and customs laws, environmental laws etc… You should also check these related laws. For your information, I have also tried to identify and list down those laws which are repealed.
      I have provided you with 2 links. The first one contains files about Trade and Industry (substantive laws) and the second one is laws related to Trade and Industry bilateral agreements.

      Click HERE to download Trade and Industry (substantive laws)

      Click HERE to download trade and Industry bilateral agreements

      Next time you want to identify proclamations and regulations related to a certain area of law, this is what you have to do; just follow the following steps.
      1-Open a pdf document
      2-On the right side of the ‘FIND’ tab, there is a small arrow. Click that.
      3-From the available options, click on ‘OPEN FULL ACROBAT SEARCH’
      4-Alternatively you can avoid step 2 and 3 you can directly go to search using the following short keys. SHIFT+CTRL+F
      5- Now you have arrived at the pdf search. pdf search does not only search texts in one pdf document, it is also an important tool to search multiple files and folders. On pdf search enter the the word or phrases you would like to search. for instance write ‘trade’ or ‘industry.’
      6- The last step is the location of the files or folders to be searched. Just below the ‘where would like you to search?’ question, there are two options.
      If you choose in the current document, it will search for your words and phrases in the pdf docuent which is opened in the step 1.
      If you choose All pdf documents in it will ask you for the location of the folder to be searched.
      7- Click on the second option in step 6 i.e. All pdf documents in it will show you an option to search your ‘desktop’, My Documents’ or your hard drive. But, you want to specific and the folder to be searched should be the folder which contains all the regulations and proclamations. (Assuming you have all the laws on your computer) In order to search a specific folder, click on ‘Browse for Location’ This will give you an option to identify and click on the folders to be searched. Just click on your folder which contains all the proclamations and regulations.
      8- Lastly, click on ‘search’ All the laws containing your search term will appear. GOOD LUCK!

      Trade and Industry-Repealed laws
      1. Leather and leather products technology institute establishment regulation no. 41/1998 (as amended) repealed by Leather industry development institute establishment regulation no. 181/2010
      2. Ethiopian Meal and Dairy Technology institute Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No.143/2008 amended by Ethiopian Meal and Dairy Technology institute Establishment Amendment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 17612010. Article 1 of the repealed Regulation is repealed and replaced by new Article 6.
      3. The Ethiopian Grain Trade Enterprise Establishment Council of Ministers Regulations No.104/1992 is repealed by Ethiopian Grain Trade Enterprise Re-establishment Council of Ministers Regulations No. 58/1999

      4. Trade Practice Proclamation № 329/2003 is repealed and replaced Trade Practice and Consumers’ Protection Proclamation No. 685/2010
      5. The following laws are repealed by Commercial Registration and Business Licensing Proclamation No. 67/1997. The repealing laws itself is again repealed by Commercial Registration and Business Licensing Proclamation No. 686/2010. Proclamation No. 686/2010 also has repealed Federal Government Commercial Registration and Business Licensing Council of Ministers Regulations No.13/1997 /as amended and Addis Ababa/Diredawa Administrations Commercial Registration and Business Licensing Council of Ministers Regulation No.14/1997.
      Laws repealed by Commercial Registration and Business Licensing Proclamation No. 67/1997

      (a) The Business Enterprises Registration Proclamation No. 184/1961;
      (b) The Industrial License Proclamation No. 292/1971;
      (c) The Foreign Trade Proclamation No. 293/ 1971;
      (d) The Industrial License Regulations No. 423/1972;
      (e) The Foreign Trade Regulations No. 424/1972;
      (f) The Regulation of Domestic Trade Proclamation No. 335/1987;
      (g) The Domestic Trade Regulations No.1 09/1987;
      (h) The Industrial License Council of Ministers Regulations No. 8/1990

      6. The Raw Hide and Skins Regulation No.25/1975 is repealed by Raw Hide and Skin Marketing System Proclamation No.457/2005.
      7. Article 2806 to 2824 inclusive of the 1960 Civil Code of Ethiopia are repealed by The Proclamation to Provide for a Warehouse Receipts System No. 372/2003
      8. Export Trade Duty Incentive Scheme Establishing Proclamation No. 69/1993 is repealed by Export Trade Duty Incentive Scheme Establishing Proclamation No.249/2001. The repealing proclamation itself is repealed by The Revised export Trade Duty Inventive Scheme Establishing Proclamation no. 543/2007
      9. The Ethiopian Trade Point Establishment Regulations No.20/1997 is repealed by Ethiopian Export Promotion Agency Establishment Proclamation No.132/1998

  158. How are you Abrish? How can I get the following proclamations?
    #28, #84, #111, #148, #170, #189, #201-202, #401, #414, #420, #469, #503-504, #510, #526, #538-539, #557, #666, #674, #678, #681, #687, #705, #716, #719, #720

  159. instructor, you make every thing easy accessible for those who practice law. in my time of study there is no like such blog that help students to get law materials freely. thus i want to thank you very much for what you want to realize one element of due process clause in ethiopia.

  160. How do you do Abrish? How can I get the following proclamations:
    #666, #674,

  161. Dear Abraham,
    Thank you for your good service! It’s just wonderful. I was looking for Proclamation No. 88/1997 and in fact Nos 88, and 89 are missing. If such are available please post it/them if not would it be possible to provide me with a link to get No. 88. Thank you

    1. please go federal laws page then federal laws year index.
      377/96 is found in 1996 proclamations. Click the link.
      it will take you to Google docs.
      click on proc, no. 377/96. Then Click on file, then Download Original.
      Due to limited space I get freely from wordpress.com I have to use google docs.

      1. በተሻሻለው ህግ ላይ ስለ ቀለብ አለ መጠራቀም በግልጽ ያስቀምጣል ስሰጥ ቆይቼ የአንድ አመት ከአራት ወር ተተጠይቅያለው ደኛው ደሞ አጠቃለክ ትከፍላለክ እያለኝ ነው ምን ሀሳብ አለክ

  162. Excellent work!! If possible, try to include all federal proclamations, for some proclamations are missing. No. 107-146, 148-294, 300-375, 377-504 are cases in point. Also try to make links to scanned copies rather than written copies, for some texts seem to be decoded in spite of PDF format.

    1. Thanks adnew for the comment! You have been contributing a lot to this blog.
      I have uploaded proclamation no. 107-128 and updated the post.
      For the remaining proclamations, some of them are available on the blog and for the remaining a link will take you to Google docs, where you can easily download every proclamation.
      let me know if you have any problem downloading Google docs.
      To get all proclamations by year index, first click on Federal laws page, then Federal laws year index
      You should always start from here to find any proclamation.
      for instance the documents you said are missing could be found on the following links.

      1993/2001 Proclamations

      1994/2002 Proclamations

      1995/2003 Proclamations

      1996/2004 Proclamations

      1997/2004 Proclamations