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  1. በ2008 ዓ/ም የሻሻለውን የአሽከርካሪ ማረጋገጫ ፈቃድ አሰጣጥ ማግኘት አልቻልኩም። በምን መልኩ ሙሉ መረጃ ላገኝ እንደምችል ብትጠቁሙኝ?

  2. i wonder how these law works for example if I have a license which customarily call p1 (public one ) then what kind of cars will I be able to drive in case I have to put it specifically cars as (automobile taxi both minibus and lada how doe the law defines these confusion ? it would be very kind of to answerer this question of mine!.

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