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Judicial Training Modules

updated and new materials included

 Judicial Training Modules

Commercial Law and F.D.R.E. Constitution     DOWNLOAD

Constitutional Principles in the application of basic procedural laws  DOWNLOAD

Judgement writing     DOWNLOAD

Labour law    DOWNLOAD

Sentencing guidelines training module   DOWNLOAD

Case flow management     DOWNLOAD

Court decorum     DOWNLOAD

Statutory interpretation and Constitution  DOWNLOAD

Professional ethics for judges and prosecutors   DOWNLOAD


Law of evidence    DOWNLOAD

Law of property   DOWNLOAD

Women’s right and F.D.R.E. Constitution  DOWNLOAD

Criminal procedure law   DOWNLOAD

Principles for the judiciary  DOWNLOAD  

Criminal procedural law: Trainer’s manual   DOWNLOAD

Professional ethics for judges and prosecutors: Revised  DOWNLOAD

F.D.R.E. Constitution: Part One   DOWNLOAD

F.D.R.E. Constitution: Part Two   DOWNLOAD

Criminal Procedure law: Revised    DOWNLOAD

Independence, Transparency and Accountability of the Judiciary   DOWNLOAD

Law of Contracts: Revised  DOWNLOAD

Civil Procedure Module Revised

Revised module on criminal law

Revised module on tort

Revised succession module

Revised module on the justice system and the role of justice organs

Rural land law

Service Delivery Training Manual

The role of prosecutor in criminal investigation

Training material on sentencing guideline

Training_manual_on caseflow_management

Trial and pre-trial management

Trial and pre-trial

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