Judicial Training Modules

updated and new materials included

 Judicial Training Modules

Commercial Law and F.D.R.E. Constitution     DOWNLOAD

Constitutional Principles in the application of basic procedural laws  DOWNLOAD

Judgement writing     DOWNLOAD

Labour law    DOWNLOAD

Sentencing guidelines training module   DOWNLOAD

Case flow management     DOWNLOAD

Court decorum     DOWNLOAD

Statutory interpretation and Constitution  DOWNLOAD

Professional ethics for judges and prosecutors   DOWNLOAD


Law of evidence    DOWNLOAD

Law of property   DOWNLOAD

Women’s right and F.D.R.E. Constitution  DOWNLOAD

Criminal procedure law   DOWNLOAD

Principles for the judiciary  DOWNLOAD  

Criminal procedural law: Trainer’s manual   DOWNLOAD

Professional ethics for judges and prosecutors: Revised  DOWNLOAD

F.D.R.E. Constitution: Part One   DOWNLOAD

F.D.R.E. Constitution: Part Two   DOWNLOAD

Criminal Procedure law: Revised    DOWNLOAD

Independence, Transparency and Accountability of the Judiciary   DOWNLOAD

Law of Contracts: Revised  DOWNLOAD

Civil Procedure Module Revised

Revised module on criminal law

Revised module on tort

Revised succession module

Revised module on the justice system and the role of justice organs

Rural land law

Service Delivery Training Manual

The role of prosecutor in criminal investigation

Training material on sentencing guideline

Training_manual_on caseflow_management

Trial and pre-trial management

Trial and pre-trial

101 thoughts on “Judicial Training Modules

  1. I really appreciate the useful information that you have sent us in every time could you give us tutorials about the basic subjects.

  2. thank you for all things Abrish, But Could you please attach the revised vat proclamation, if you have the access?

  3. Abresh i need to thank you.u are a hope for professional lawyers those who cannot get information and lost with out justice for years beyond their …… & still found their destiny.please keep it up. again make exit exam & other materials down loading.no access to get lawyers those materials .Mesfin G/H.

  4. Dear Mr. Abraham i am second year law student in mekelle universtiy and i am here to seek ur help: i have been searching dejene fikadu hand book on ethiopian criminal law every where in town and i just tired and i belive u could have it at least on pdf format so please sir just do your best to do this favor for me! Attach on my email adress. And also anyone who can read this comment can help me

  5. Mr Abreham …really i have no words to either to comment or to thank you the blessed work you are doing…..what a man!!!! i am so delightful for i can simply access any legal do comment from your website ….i am indebted for all your work … it sports my LL. M research with no less than to my advisor. So keep on posting such relevant and indispensable materials Indeed, you are really practicing and living in this digital age. Doing all these marvelous and invaluable activities by individual capacity is amazing. I appreciate our courage and perseverance’s. Please how can i help you???? Go ahead INFORMATION IS POWER!!!

  6. Thank you for the upload HOWEVER MODULE ON CIVIL PROCEDURE IS ILLEGIBLE!!!! Would you please post the revised version? Regards

  7. i am short in word to express my heart full thank even if,let me simply say thank you a lot you are really golden boy of Ethiopia and i have benefited a lot of things from your golden comment so GOD BLESS YOU 4EVER

  8. It is so great to see the progress you people made there. Definitely this will help to excel the justice system in our country. it also gives the lawyers clear direction in every aspect decision making.
    May God bless your work.
    Fekadu Daba

  9. Abreham, I really appreciate your works in making different legal sources available for the public.

  10. it is indeed a praiseworthy that i have seen such kind of access to the law community and we Ethiopians can do a lot if we give due attention toward something despite the fact that our poverty.
    i really thank and ahead of it
    the almighty may give courage
    Moges Werede

  11. abresh am so glad becoz what you have done is important for the development of our country’s legal system

  12. I would like to thank the chilot.me.It is a best website 4 me which teach society,specially law students.continue.

  13. Really I appreciate your effort.
    It becomes more important especially for academicians if you could add the English version of the documents.
    Thanks a lot.

  14. Before I proceed to my request I would like to say thanks for your invaluable efforts to access us the legal instruments and legal books. I want to have Exit-exam of 2005E.C, can help me how I can access it? could you load it in your website please? I am asking you on the name of a student that you were yesterday to become the scholar of today.
    Thanks In Advance

  15. መሰልጠን ማለት በቃ ይህ ነው፤ ነገሮችን ማቅለል፡ ወገንን ማገዝ፡፡ እግዚአብሔር ብዙ መስራት ትችል ዘንድ እድሜህን ያርዝምልህ!

  16. I wanna thank you for all ur efforts. I am teaching forest policy and law at Wollo University. I want to prepare a teaching course manual but it would have been helpful if I had supportive documents in relation to Ethiopian forest policy, law, and directives. These would mean a lot to me. Thank u in advance for ur cooperation.


  18. hi abrish ,i appreciate ur effrot that aming at giving latest information for us. but i wanna need some soureces for the courese PIL.tnx!!!

  19. በእውነት ይህ ለሃገራችን ህዝቦች በግልፅና ከየትም ሊያገኙት በሚችሉበት መልኩ መቀመጡ ያስመሰግናል

  20. HiAbreham, I tried to download Commercial law and constitution. The table of content is indicating as if there are more than 150 pages but the content is only 76 pages and gives the following messgae at the end of the text after download is completed ,ERROR: syntaxerror
    OFFENDING COMMAND: –nostringval–
    STACK .
    Is there any way that I can download the full conten? Expect your response
    Thanks in advance.

  21. Abrish words can’t explain my appreciation to your professional contribution to the enhancement of our justice system in general and justice community in particular.Wow! You did something extraordinary.Thank you!

  22. How can I express my appreciation? It is very very….. great commitment. Pls always update it & try to include all relevant materials exhaustively.
    God bless you & your effort

  23. this is so great.i find the materials very interesting and helpful as a law student.thanks so much for the superbly great work.

  24. እዚህ ሀገር ህግን የምናወቀው አንድም የህግ ትምህርት ቤት ገብተን አሊያ በህግ ስንከሰስና ስንከስ ነው፡፡ አሁን ስለህግ የማወቅ ፍላጎቴን አሳካህልኝ፡፡ እጅግ በጣም አመሰግናለሁ፡፡ ወይ ማወቅ ደጉ! አለ ያገሬ ሰው፡፡ እውቀትህን ያብዛልህ!

  25. We are proud of you. Well done for the very good constructed educational and professional resources provided. I can say thank you only. This is very good efforts for those who disadvantaged to access educational materials from their country of origin.

      1. Dear Mr. Abrham, thanks for much for your meritorious contributions the enhacement of Ethiopian Legal System in general and that of quality of Legal Education in particular. Truly speaking, i have benefited a lot from your what you did. Keep it up on !!!!!!! Many thanks!!!!!!

  26. i have no words to appreciate your activity. thanks a lot .
    a comment, the module commercial law is not complete. it stops without adressing its entire content.

  27. dear Abrishe ,what u have done sofar is realy very intersting. u r the man. please keep working. God bless u and help u in any way.thank u very much indeed.

  28. Abrish!!!

    I think you are not doing this activities for gaining fame, rather I understand that since you are lecturer class room lessons are not sufficient for lawyers and you fill the gape. Now a day, classroom lawyers are not required in this pragmatic world. you are the one to create professional lawyers for the prevalence generation. Gratefulness is not suffice to Abrish! thank you!!

  29. really, what you have doing could possibly help us(law students) to update our knowledge.

  30. I have no words to appreciate you.You are so diligence to assist the justice system in general and the law school community in particular.


      1. Thanks for the materials ! And also it would be great if the relevant proclamation will added

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