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Performance of contract of sales of movables

2.2. Performance of contract of sales of movables

Definition, formation, and other affiliated issues in the contract for sales of movables have been discussed so far. Having made these considerations, discussion on performance of sales contract will be made. As performance of sales contract refers to carrying out of the obligations assumed by the contracting parties, analyzing the obligations of the seller, obligations of the buyer and common obligations of the seller and buyer imposed on the parties by the custom, good faith and the provisions of the law is be necessary to understand performance of sales contract..


Upon successful completion of the chapter on the performance of sales contract, students are expected to

  • advise parties on the obligations of the buyer
  • advise parties on the obligation of the seller
  • advice parties on common obligation of the parties
  • differentiate warranties and conditions
  • differentiate express and implied warranty
  • differentiate the incidental obligation related to the principal obligation

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