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Proclamation No. 211-2000 Institution of the Ombudsman Establishment

[Article] 41. Penalty

1) Any person who, having received summons from the Institution, or been called upon by it otherwise, does not appear or respond without good cause, within the time fixed, or is not willing to produce a document or to have same examined shall be punishable with imprisonment from one month to six months or with a fine from two hundred to one thousand Birr or with both.

2) Unless punishable with more severe penalty under the penal. law, any person who causes harm to persons who have witnessed before the Institution, or to persons having produced a document before it, or who, without good case, fails to take measures within three months from receipt of reports, recommendations, and suggestions of the Institution, or does not state the reasons for such failure, shall be punishable with imprisonment from three to five years or with a fine from six thousand to ten thousand Birr or with both

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