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Proclamation no. 655-2009 Bio-safety Proclamation

[Article] 21. Penalties

1/ Unless the act entails higher penalty under the provisions of the Criminal Code:

a) any person who engages in any transaction with the intention of causing harm to human health, biological diversity, the environment or property shall be punishable with rigorous imprisonment from 10 to 15 years.

b) any person who violates any provision of this Proclamation or regulations or directives issued pursuant to this Proclamation shall be punishable with a fine from Birr 4,000 to Birr 7,000 or with imprisonment from one to three years or both.

2/ Where the offense is committed by a juridical person the penalty shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of Article 90 of the Criminal Code of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

3/ In the case of an offense committed by a juridical person, in addition to the penalty imposed to the entity, the officer of the entity who has failed to exercise all due diligence shall be punishable in accordance with sub-article (1) (b) of this Article.

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