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Proclamation No. 660-2009 Apiculture Resources Development and Protection

[Article] 8. Penalty

Unless it requires higher penalty under the criminal law:

1/ Any person who undertakes commercial beekeeping or queen rearing or who found in act of without written permit from supervising authority in rehabilitation area closure or community forest or state forest or wildlife parks and reserve areas is punishable with a fine from Birr 2,000 to Birr5,000 or imprisonment up to one year or both.

2/ Any person who exercise improper handling of data and information on activities related to beekeeping and processing and discourages furnishing of data and information when requested or transport honeybee colonies without covering with mesh wire or kaki fabric and take a stop at locations of human and animal traffic areas is punishable with a fine from Birr 1,500 to Birr 3,000 or imprisonment from six months up to one year or both.

3/ Any person who commits hazard on natural habitat while operating beekeeping or cause to spread honeybee diseases to healthy colonies or induce harm on beekeeping and bee products due to improper use of pesticides or cause damage on the honeybee colonies and ecology of the area due to fire hazard while honey hunting is punishable with a fine from Birr 5,000 to Birr 10,000 or imprisonment from three up to seven years or both.

4/ Any person who defy, threatens or put in danger the supervising authority is punishable with a fine from Birr 2,000 to Birr 5,000 or imprisonment from two up to five years or both.

5/ Any person who found in act of processing, transporting or market supplying to the market place or consumer market sale or transfer of adulterated, contaminated or poisoned bee products is punishable with a fine from Birr 10,000 to Birr 15,000 or imprisonment from five up to ten years or both

6/ Any person who imports or exports or attempts to import or export live bee species or honeybee races or used beekeeping equipment or goods without the operating permits or contrary to the conditions thereof, or any person who commits or attempts any honeybee races smuggling is punishable with a fine from Birr 15,000 to Birr 20,000 or imprisonment from ten up to fifteen years or both.

7/ Any person who violates the provisions of this Proclamation or any regulations and directives to be issued according to this Proclamation or causes any obstruction in the implementation process is punishable with imprisonment up to five years.

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