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Government Information Portal

Official Ethiopian Government Portal

Federal Legislative Organs

House of Federations

The House of People’s Representatives

Federal Independent (Constitutional)  Agencies

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission

Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman

Office of the Federal Auditor General

National Election Board of Ethiopia


Federal Supreme Court

Federal Government Ministries

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Civil Service

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs

Ministry of Mines

Ministry  of Science and Technology

Ministry of Trade and Industry

Ministry of Urban Development and Construction

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Ministry of Water & Energy

Federal (Executive) Administrative Agencies

Agency for Government Houses

Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority

Ethiopian Commodity Exchange

Ethiopian Investment Agency

Ethiopian Mapping Agency

Ethiopian Telecommunication Agency

Institute of Biodiversity Conservation

Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority

Federal Civil service Agency

The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission

National Bank of Ethiopia

Documents Authentication and Registration Office

Disaster Risk management and Food security Sector

Ethiopian National Archives and Library

Central Statistical Agency

Information Network Security Agency

National Agency for Examination

The Ethiopian National Archives and Library Agency

The Ethiopian News Agency

Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency

Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority

Public Procurement and property Administration Agency

Charities and Societies Agency

Drug Administration and Control Authority

Ethiopian Roads Authority

Ethiopian Road Transport Authority

Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency

Ethiopian Health & Nutrition Research Institute

Regional State Government Organs

Addis Ababa City Administration

Addis Ababa City Administration Finance and Economy Development Bureau

Addis Ababa City Administration Trade and Industry Development Bureau

Amhara Regional State

Amhara Regional State Capacity Building Bureau

Oromia Regional State

Oromia Bureau of Revenues

Oromia Mass-Media Organization

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