Ethiopian Legal Brief

LLM Thesis Papers (II)

African Union

Admasu Alemayehu

The African Internal Displacement Problem and the Responses of African Union: An Examination of the Essential Features of the AU IDPs Convention      DOWNLOAD

African union peace and security council: to compete or complement the UN Security Council?      DOWNLOAD

Judicial enforcement of human rights through regional economic communities: a comparative analysis with the African court on human and peoples’ rights      DOWNLOAD

Prosecution of Crimes against Humanity and Genocide in Africa: A Comparative Analysis   DOWNLOAD

Administrative Law

Parliamentary oversight and its role in ensuring constitutionalism and accountability under the FDRE constitution    DOWNLOAD

Competence and legitimacy of Ethiopian courts in the adjudication of socio-economic rights: an appraisal of the challenges and prospects     DOWNLOAD

Yemane Kassa

The judiciary and its interpretive power in Ethiopia: a case study of the Ethiopian revenues and customs authority   DOWNLOAD

Tigist Assefa

Judicial Review of Administrative Actions: A Comparative Analysis   DOWNLOAD

Food Quality Regulation in Ethiopia     DOWNLOAD

The legal regime regulating coffee trade in Ethiopia   DOWNLOAD

Amare Tesfaye

Justiciability of socio-economic rights in the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia   DOWNLOAD

Company Law, Banking, Investment

Affiliate companies in Ethiopia: analysis of organization, legal frame work and the current practice   DOWNLOAD

Biniam Shiferaw

Money Laundering and Countermeasures: A Critical Analysis of Ethiopian Law with Specific Reference to the Banking Sector    DOWNLOAD

Legal Problems in Realizing Non-Performing Loans of Banks in Ethiopia    DOWNLOAD

Regulation of Initial Public Offering of Shares in Ethiopia: Critical Issues and Challenges   DOWNLOAD

The exploration of the legal framework and the practice relating to “joint ventures” in

Ethiopia: A comparative approach           DOWNLOAD

Warehouse Receipt System in Ethiopia: Its Legal and Practical Significance with Emphasis on its Role in Securing Transactions   DOWNLOAD

Major problems associated with private limited companies in Ethiopia: The law and the practice      DOWNLOAD

The doctrine of piercing  the  corporate  veil:  its  legal significance and practical application in Ethiopia     DOWNLOAD

Investment Limitations in and by Banks in Ethiopia    DOWNLOAD

Constitutional Law, Human Rights

The Right to Asylum: A Case Study with Particular Reference to Somali and Eritrean Asylum-seekers and Refugees in Ethiopia    DOWNLOAD

Amsalu Darge Mayessa

The integrated approach: a quest for enhancing justiciability of socio-economic rights under the Ethiopian constitution            DOWNLOAD

Belay Shibeshi

Minority rights protection in the Amhara national regional state: the case of the kemant people in north Gondar      DOWNLOAD

The right to adequate standard of living with specific focus on the right to adequate housing: the institutional and legal framework in Ethiopia         DOWNLOAD

Critical Analysis of the Applicability of the Right to Development in the Ethiopian Context   DOWNLOAD

The Legal and Practical Protection of the Rights of Minorities in Self Administering Nations of Ethiopia: The Case of Oromia         DOWNLOAD

Electoral participation as a fundamental political right of persons with disabilities in Ethiopia; critical examination of the law and the practice     DOWNLOAD

Inter-Governmental fiscal transfers in Ethiopia: challenges and some options (a comparative study)      DOWNLOAD

Compatibility of  the  revised  Oromia  national  regional  state  constitution  of  2001  with  the  FDRE  constitution with  respect  to  adjudication  of  constitutionality  issues and its possible effects      DOWNLOAD

Legal and Policy Framework for the Realization of the Right to Health in Ethiopia: The Case of Persons Living with Podoconiosis, Wolayta Zone  Southern Ethiopia    DOWNLOAD

The right to education of children with intellectual disability and its implementation in Addis Ababa   DOWNLOAD

When constitution lacks legitimacy in the making: the case of Ethiopia        DOWNLOAD

The Scope of Religious Freedom and its Limits under the FDRE Constitution: A Survey of Contemporary Problems and Challenges      DOWNLOAD

The role of media in the promotion of human rights in Ethiopia     DOWNLOAD

Wondwossen Wakene

Self-governing Addis Ababa, the federal government & Oromia: bottom lines and limits in self-governance        DOWNLOAD

Legitimacy of sub national constitutions in the Ethiopian federation: the case of Amhara regional government constitution        DOWNLOAD

Gebreabzgi W/slase

The extent of reason of state in the Ethiopian constitutional order: the quest for restraining and legitimizing     DOWNLOAD

The Right to Conscientious Objection under Ethiopian Law    DOWNLOAD

Freedom from torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment: the case of some selected prisons of Oromia National Regional State     DOWNLOAD

Rights in displaced situations: challenges and prospects for the enforcement  of reproductive  rights  of  refugee  women  and girls in Ethiopia    DOWNLOAD

Criminal Law & Procedure

The bail justice in Ethiopia: challenges of its administration    DOWNLOAD

Environmental Law

Implementations of EIA Laws in East Shawa Zone of Oromia National State Special Reference to Lume and Ada’a Woreda: Case Study on Various Projects   DOWNLOAD


Liability of medical institutions in Ethiopia: injuries caused by independent contractors and non-employee physicians     DOWNLOAD

Intellectual Property

Infringement and remedies of economic rights of audio-visual works under the Ethiopian copyright law: law and practices in Addis Ababa   DOWNLOAD

Fair practice under copyright law of Ethiopia: the case of education      DOWNLOAD

Designing Intellectual Property Law as a tool for Development: Prospects and Challenges of the Ethiopian Patent Regime    DOWNLOAD

The Interface between Access to Genetic Resources, Benefit Sharing and Intellectual Property Right Laws in Ethiopia: Analysis of their Synergies     DOWNLOAD

International Law, International Trade Law

The Emerging International Law on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights: A Look at the Ethiopian Perspective   DOWNLOAD

The Legality of the Indictment of President Omar Hasen Al-Bashir by the International Criminal Court under International Law       DOWNLOAD

“The  power of  the  SC  to adopt and refer  a  resolution to  the  ICC  prosecutor  for  crimes  committed  by presiding  Head  of  States/Governments:  with  special emphasis on President Al-Beshir of the Sudan”       DOWNLOAD

Rethinking international anti-corruption conventions: advancing corruption-free service as a human right     DOWNLOAD

The legal basis of reparation claim for climate change damage under international law: the perspective of vulnerable developing countries    DOWNLOAD

The Ethiopian Legal Regime on Plant Variety Protection: Assessments of Its Compatibility with TRIPS Agreement, Implications and the Way Forward    DOWNLOAD

Protection  of  traditional  knowledge  under international  and  Ethiopian  law  with  a particular  reference  to  traditional  medical knowledge:  current  trends,  prospects  and challenges     DOWNLOAD

WTO Accession and required product standards: the case of Ethiopia   DOWNLOAD

The EU-ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) Economic Partnership Agreements and their Implications for Ethiopia   DOWNLOAD

Pension Law

Abebe Mesfin

Development of social  security: practices,  problems  and  prospects  of pension plan in Ethiopia     DOWNLOAD

Property Law, Land Law

Haftom Tesfay

Rural land dispute settlement mechanisms in Tigray: the case of Humera DOWNLOAD

Issues of Expropriation: The Law and the Practice in Oromia      DOWNLOAD

Tax Law

The law of corporate taxation in Ethiopia    DOWNLOAD

Trade and Consumer Protection

A Critical Analysis of the Enforcement Framework of Consumer Protection in Ethiopia: Challenges and Prospects    DOWNLOAD

The Legal and Institutional Framework for Consumer Protection in Ethiopia     DOWNLOAD

Water Law

Kibrome Mekonnen

Water use and the quest for sustainable development of the eastern Nile basin: an international law analysis          DOWNLOAD

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