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Whether you are in the legal profession or not you want to have immediate access to proclamations and regulations published on the Negarit Gazetta. For those of you who are outside of Addis Ababa (like me) timely access to legislations is very difficult. I have been frequently posting and uploading new legislations on my blog. However, due to the time and cost involved in getting the printed copy, scanning and uploading on the blog, delay is inevitable. On average there is at least a 4 months difference between the time of publication of legislations and time of posting on the blog.

As timely delivery involves some costs I have devised a way in which those of you interested will be able to get recent proclamations and regulations on time throughout the year for a yearly subscription fee of birr 200 (Two hundred birr) annually. Upon payment of this annual fee you will get the following privileges:

1. For the whole year of subscription, receive soft copy of proclamations and Regulation through your email immediately they get published on the Negarit Gazeta
2. You will have access to law books (more than 1000) and journal articles (more than 500) for private use. These materials will be sent to you upon your request.
3. Email legal advice
4. Directives (more than 1500) of administrative agencies upon your request
5. Other materials like audio teaching materials and audio proclamations and regulations (English only) upon your request.

If you are interested in this new service send me your full name and email address:
Via text message to 0913388259 or
Through email:
My email address is:
abooooka@gmail.com or abrham@chilot.me
Then I will provide you with further information about the payment and registration process.
Please note that every visitor to the blog will  still receive blog posts and legal materials posted on the blog for free.
Thank you

Abrham Yohannes

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  1. Dear Abrham first i would thank u for your cooperation,Could you send me an information or material about Pension Contribution of Contract employee.

  2. dear Abrham first i would thank u for your interesting idea,next i contact with u & attach different materials from u.

  3. I need to know what does say the law in discriminating in salary , work position & places by gender .

  4. please could you send me a book of Fasil Nahum titled [conistitution for the nations of nations]

  5. tell me the pension contribution rate of military and defense from employee and employer

  6. Mr, Abrahem, It is a good idea, how can I pay subscription fee of birr 200 (Two hundred birr) annually, Through bank or have you any means to collect the fee.

  7. is there any article which is written in article 37 of 1995 federal democratic republic of ethiopia am happy if i can get

  8. Dear Sir,

    My head office in China that requied me to offer relative regulation with
    > our contract.
    > I can’t find those infomatiom.
    > Would you please send me with
    attache e-mail

    > 1. Proclamation No. 721/2004
    > 2.Regulation No. 155/2005
    > 3.Directive No. 1/2007
    > Thanks your kindly help and support.
    > Best Regards,
    > Kevin Ting

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