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AMHARA National Regional State Laws Proclamation No. 76-2002 Amhara National Regional State Amharic Proclamation No. 76-2002 Amhara National Regional State Income Tax ENG Proclamation No. 133-2006 Amahara Regional State Rural Land Administration […]


National Bank of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 591/2008 the National Bank of Ethiopia Establishment (as Amended) Proclamation Repealed Monetary and Banking Proclamation No. 83/1994 See also Regulation No.  172/2009 Re-Organization of the Management […]

Public Enterprises

Public Enterprises   Enterprise Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise Legal notice No 79/1983 The Ethiopian Airlines Corporation Establishment Regulations Regulations No. 216/1995 Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise Establishment Council of Ministers Regulations Council of Ministers Regulations […]


Office   Document Authentication and Registration Office Proclamation No. 334/2003 Authentication and Registration of Document Proclamation Proclamation No. 334/2003 established Document Authentication and Registration Offices in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa. These […]

Fund & Foundation

Fund & Foundation   Fund Road Fund (Office of the Road Fund Administration) Proclamation No. 66/1997 Road Fund Establishment Proclamation Contact information E-mail: National Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Fund Proclamation No. […]


Council   Agricultural Transformation Council Agricultural Transformation Council Regulation No.198/2010 Agricultural Transformation Council and Agency Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation National HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Council Proclamation No. 79/1997 Ethiopian Agricultural Research […]