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Repealed Laws

Repeals to Proclamations and Regulations Year Index Repealed Laws 1995  Repealed Laws 1996  Repealed Laws 1997 Repealed Laws 1998  Repealed Laws 1999 Repealed Laws 2000  Repealed Laws 2001  Repealed Laws 2002  Repealed Laws 2003  Repealed Laws 20004 Repealed Laws 2005  Repealed Laws 2006  Repealed Laws 2007  Repealed Laws 2008  Repealed Laws 2009  Repealed Laws 2010  … Continue reading

Repealed Laws 2012

No Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 Investment Proclamation No.280/2002 (as amended) Proclamation No.769/2012 Investment Proclamation 2 The  provisions  of the  1960  Civil  Code  from Article 47 to  Article  153 Proclamation  No.760/2012 Registration of vital Events  and  National  Identity Card  Proclamation 3 The Licensing and Supervision of Insurance Business Proclamation No.86/1994 Insurance Business Proclamation No.746/2012

Repealed Laws 2011

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 The Public Servants Pension Proclamation No. 345/2003 (as amended) Article 12 and, with respect to pension coverage, the provision of sub-article (1)of Article 30 of the Privatization of Public Enterprises Proclamation No.146/1998 Article 12 and Article 21 of the Outgoing Heads of State and Government, Senior Government Officials, Members … Continue reading

Repealed Laws 2010

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 The Proclamation to Establish the Office of  the  Federal Auditor General  Proclamation No. 68/1997 Office of the Federal Auditor General Establishment /Amendment/ Proclamation No. 669/2010 2 The  Federal  Judicial  Administration  Council Establishment Proclamation No.24/1996 Amended Federal  Judicial Administration  Council  Establishment Proclamation No. 684/2010 3 Commercial  Registration  and  Business Licensing … Continue reading

Repealed Laws 2009

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 Any right or duty arising under any provision of the repealed laws shall continue unless it contravenes this Proclamation.[i] Charities and Societies Proclamation No.621/2009 2 The Re-Establishment and Modernization of Customs Authority Proclamation No. 60/1997 Proclamation No 125/1998 Proclamation No. 368/2003 Customs Proclamation No. 622/2009 3 Article 19,  of … Continue reading

Repealed Laws 2008

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 Articles 5, 14,15and 16 of proclamation No.250/2001 and Article 40 and 44 of proclamation No. 251/2001 Establishment of the Secretariat of the House of Federation Proclamation No 556/2008 2 Federal Urban Planning Institute Establishment Proclamation No. 450/2005 Sub-Article 7(c) of Article 33 of the Definition of Powers and Duties … Continue reading

Repealed Laws 2007

No. Repealing Text Repealing Text 1 Proclamation, Federal Civil Servants Proclamation No.262/2002 Federal Civil Servants Proclamation No. 515/2007 2 The Provisions of Title I of Book III of the Commercial Code of Ethiopia, (carriage by land) save those provisions applicable to carriage of persons Proclamation to Amend Carriage of Goods by Land 547/2007 3 The … Continue reading

Repealed Laws 2006

No. Repealing Text Repealing Text 1 The Social Security Authority Establishment Proclamation No. 38/1996 Social Security Agency Re-establishment Proclamation No.495/2006 2 The Ethiopian Civil Service College Establishment Council of Ministers Regulations No.23/1996 Ethiopian Civil Service College Re-establishment Council of Ministers Regulations No.121/2006

Repealed Laws 2005

No. Repealing Text Repealing Text 1 Article  54-56  of  the  Federal Government Financial Administration  Proclamation No. 57/1996 Article 66-73 of the Council of Ministers Financial Regulations No.  17/1997 The Council of Ministers Financial Regulation No. 71/ 2001 Determining procedures of Public Procurement and Establishing its Supervisory Agency Proclamation No. 430/2005[i] 2 Proclamation no. 235/2001 Revised … Continue reading

Repealed Laws 2004

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 Articles 6, 9[i] and 12 of Proclamation No.4/1995 The Coffee and Tea Authority Establishment Proclamation No. 116/1995 The. Livestock Marketing Authority Establishment Proclamation No. 117/1998 (as amended by Proclamation No.198/2000) The National. Agricultural Input Authority Establishment Proclamation No.288/2002 and Sub-Article (2) of Article 2 of the Institute of Biodiversity … Continue reading

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