Pre-1995 Ethiopian Laws (#2)

Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission Establishment Proclamation no. 91/94 A proclamation to promote the development of mineral resources Proclamation no. 52/93 Agricultural Cooperative Societies Proclamation no. 85/1994 Proclamation Concerning Inventions, Minor Inventions […]


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Abrish thanks a lot for all your devoted commitment that you make it possible to get these materials. Bless u!!!!!

Genene Azene

Dear Abrham, I would like to appreciate your initiation that may contribute a lot to the legal development of our country. Though I am late to visit you blog,I am grasping pieces of legal information, which are helping me a lot. Please keep it up. Regards Genene Azene, Human Resource Director @ Sher Ethiopia PLC

Andargie Kassie

I know you very well. You taught me in Dire Dawa Advance Dipoloma batch when you were a freelance law teacher for you were a bank worker. I admire you Abirish, great! You are a man of action and deed.God bless you

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