Regional Constitutions

Revised Amhara National Regional State Constitution  DOWNLOAD

Benishangul National Regional State Constitution  DOWNLOAD

 Gambela Peoples National Regional State constitution Amharic  DOWNLOAD

 Revised Afar National Regional State Constitution  DOWNLOAD

Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s Regional State Constitution

Amharic Version DOWNLOAD

 English Version DOWNLOAD

Somali National Regional State Constitution DOWNLOAD

Oromia national Regional State Constitution DOWNLOAD

Harari National Regional State Constitution  DOWNLOAD

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  1. i couldn’t find the Harare constitution in its full version in the above posted articles 29-34 are not visible please if u have the soft copy would u send or post it please .

  2. ዮኒ የምትሰጣቸው የህግ ትንተና በጣም ደስስስስ ይለኛል።ፅሁፎችህን በሙሉ ብታደርሰኝ ደስ ይለኛል።

  3. why there is no Tigray region revise constitution? Because it is not un Ethiopian region?
    I say you guys! They wrote in them manifesto 1987 Tigray is one of in the horn of Africa, they divided Eritrea, Tigray and Ethiopia in them map.

  4. it’s nice getting all reginal costitutions but there no tigray’s constitution isit can’t to dawnload?

  5. P/s I need 2 Rejional Constitutions , of Amhara & Benshangul whether revised or not .10 Q for Your responding !

  6. hello abrsh do you have materials related to state constitution and its contribution to the development of democracy in Ethiopia.

  7. Is it possible to get a copy of the Revised Afar National Regional State Constitution and the Revised Somali National Regional State Constitution in English? Do you know if they exists?

  8. hello Abrham! would you mind if send me exit exam questiions paper you have through “ or attach on your page please

  9. The Oromia National Regional State constitution is not visible or inaccessible. The file seems damaged. If you can get a new one ?

    • If there is no visible constitution, there is no need of constitution for Oromia NRS? then it going on collapsing. sorry//

  10. i could`t find the law & its application will go together there have a space that marked personally will judged. just the case happen last week in family case my Mame was married 1968 & the other one will 1994 the property was built both Mame & father 1970 there have 24 years gap from the sacond wife of my father but the judge was found the property will summit to both…… it is right just look how was abidance

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