9 thoughts on “Regional Laws

  1. where is SNNPR’S rule and regulation on the area of rural and urban land administration?

  2. please
    i need the regional law of the Southern nation, nationalities and people regional government

  3. please put the English version of gambella regional state constitution and proclamation of regional laws

  4. I admire your effort, but you can get regional proclamations from respective regional councils. If you request Addis Ababa city Administration you can get soft copy.
    Sileshi Atnafie

  5. abrish how can i get access the proclamation tat is adopted for the recognition of argoba nationality in amhara regiona state.

  6. i like this page, this is a good beganing , i am gaining so many current information regarding our laws, and i wanna to appriciate you for your good deeds

  7. please I want to know what happens to individuals who want their premium returned when a condominium project office in a certain town, previously acting as a legal entity is closed by the regional Bureau of Housing Development?

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