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  1. I need Oromia regional states agricultural products market and quality protection proclamation no.234/2013 and the English version of Oromia regional states regulation on the market and quality control of Chat products i Oromia, regulation no.224/2013.

  2. 1/ Qajeelfamni 12/2007 baakloogiin lafaa ittiin keessumaa’ee ture amma ni hojjetaa?
    Lafa/iddoo tokko irratti ragaan abbaa qabiyyumaa lafaa (Kaartaa) n yoo kenname amma qajeelfama kamiin karaa qabata?

  3. hey abrish i need oromia prison administration procalamtion or regulation…i tried but i cant found it…i need it for research purpose…i would be happy if u send it immediately

  4. Have U Oromia regional prison administration establishment regulation or proclamation.?

  5. hi,abrish ,u are doing a nice job.please send me oromia prison administration proclamation no 163/2011.

  6. Labsii waa’ee gurmaa’iinsa ejensii misooma industirii oromiaa osoo nuuf feetanii .Galatoomaa

  7. labsii hojjatoota motummaa itoophiyaa lakk 515/1999 baahe afaan oromootin kan barreffamee nuuf ibsaa.

  8. labsii fi qacceelfamaa haara dhimmaa barnoota fi namuusaa barsiisoota fi hooggansaa barnoota irraattii bahee too jiraatee barnoota kennuun uttuu nu deeggartanii?

  9. qacceelfama haaraa dhimmaa hojjii barnootaa fidambii namuusa barsiisoota irraattii bahee yoo jiraate silaa nuu deeggartanii?

  10. qacceelfama haaraa dhimmaa hojjii barnootaa fidambii namuusa barsiisoota irraattii bahee too jiraate silaa nuu deeggartanii?

  11. iff we search of any law that were enacted by Oromia Caffee it will not accessed every where by any link how did this problem of lack of the enacted law to reach the citizen……the Caffee had to do sth to solve…..

  12. It is really thankable deed 2 deciminate z laws already proclaimed by ONR.A go
    od guy always dare 2 Keep it on.

  13. Would you please send me the procurement proclamation and the corresponding directive, including revisions if it is so. The comment by the previous person is also mine. That is why I sent you the note. Thank you very much in advance.

  14. ulaagaan abukaattumma kan naannoo keenyaa inni haaromfame nuuf yoo kenname. galatoma

  15. በዚህ ብሎገር ብዙ እየተጠቀምን ነው፡፡በዚሁ ቀጥሉ ለማለት እፈልጋለሁ፡፡
    በመቀጠል ከተቻላችሁ የክልሎች የዳኝነት ወሰን በሲቪልና በወንጀል ላይ የተደነገጉ የክልል አዋጆች Accessible ቢደረግልን እላለሁ፡፡በተረፈ እሪፍ ነው እላለሁ፡፡

  16. Oromia health beauroau has avery limited concept about anaesthesia or anesthetist so as to retain them on job and they need special orientation to understand the profession.by thise,theywould offer the benefit we would havebeen given so long time.

  17. Selam Abrish
    Do regional states issue regulations and directives for the emplementation of urban land lease holding proclamation? if you have i need that of oromiya regional state.

    Thanks for your uauall support!!

  18. I need oromia judicial administration proclamation

  19. Thank u for ur update information’s about proclamations and laws >however, I need to read about the duties & responsibilities of civil servant. So pls would send me the magalata of our Region about on this issues

  20. i really appreciate your effort to make every legal documents in this web. keep on it but i couldn’t find oromia courts establishment proclamation and if you can please make it available so that everybody can have it and acquire enough knowledge regarding this area.

  21. labsii qaamolee raawwachiiftuu oromiyaa hundeessuf ba’e 144/2001 fi seera maatii oromiyaa barbaade. galatoomaa!!

  22. I need the Establishing law of Oromiya courts or that states their jurisdiction if that is in a separate law . Thank you

    Call for collecting and compiling all oromia proclamation and regulation enacted from the ESTABLISHMENT of CHEFF oromia to present!!
    Let’s contribute our duty pls?

  24. Kemal Aman
    Hey Sir!! Its me again Ur friend daily user of this program!!

    please very urgently upload if you have Oromia Public Prosecutor amended Regulation No (161/2005) Plus a New Oromia Regional State Advocate proclamation No_________2013?
    Thank you in Advance again for your Help!!!


  26. Hey Sir please very urgent if you have Magalata Oromia: A proclamation to amend Proclamation No 65 (2003) the urban local government of Oromia National Regional State No 116 (2011) upload it please!!!

  27. please I need Turnover Tax Proclamation No.75/2003 of Oromia National Regional State
    Than kui for ur Diligent work!

  28. There seems mix up on Proclamation 156 and 157 of the 2010, I hope you will make some edition and re-post them!! Keep on making easy access to information

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