Repealed Laws 2000

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text
1 The Ethiopian Institute of Geological Survey Establishment Proclamation No.230/1982 Geological Survey of Ethiopia Establishment Proclamation No.194/2000
2 The Water Resources Utilization Proclamation No.92/1994 Ethiopian Water Resources Management Proclamation No.197/2000
3 Courts (Registration of Advocates) Rules (Legal Notice No. 166/ 1952) Federal Courts Advocates’ Licensing and Registration Proclamation No. 199/2000
  • Public Health Proclamation No. 26/1942
  • Public Health Proclamation No. 92/1947
Public Health Proclamation No. 200/2000[i]
  • The Ethiopian Seed Council of Ministers Regulati6ns, No. 16/1997
Proclamation No. 206/2000 Seed Proclamation
  • The Police Force Organization Proclamation No.6/1942
  • The Police Officers Administration Order No. 82/1973
  • The Police Officers Promotion, Obligatory Service and Dismissal Regulations No.430/1973
  • Provisions Concerning the Police Forces in the Deployment of the State Defence Army of the Central Transitional Government and the Establishment of the Police Force Proclamation No. 8/1991

Federal Police Proclamation No. 207/2000[ii]

7 The Board of Trustee for Privatized Public Enterprises Establishment Proclamation No.17/1996 Board of Trustee for Public Enterprises Establishment Proclamation No. 208/2000
8 Study and Protection of Cultural Heritage proclamation No. 36/1 989 Research and Conservation, of Cultural Heritage Proclamation No.209/2000
9 Articles 14-25, 28, 29 and 30 of The Strengthening of the Management and Administration of Schools Proclamation No. 260/1984 Strengthening of the Management and Administration of Schools (Amendment) Proclamation No. 217/2000[iii]
  10 The Medical Practitioners Registration Proclamation  No. 100/1948


Medical Practitioners Registration (Repealing) Proclamation No. 218/2000

[i] Repealed by Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Proclamation No.661/2009

[ii] Repealed by Federal Police Commission Proclamation No.313/2000.The Repealing proclamation is also repealed by  Proclamation No. 720/2011 Ethiopian Federal Police Commission Establishment Proclamation

[iii] Powers and duties of Public Schools Committees established under Proclamation No. 260/1984 to the appropriate organs referred to in Article 3 of Proclamation No. 217/2000. (These Organs according to article 3 are Councils of  National/Regional governments and Councils of City Administrations)



One thought on “Repealed Laws 2000

  1. Please share with me the updates about laws, proclamations and regulations in Ethiopia.


    Posted by Abdiwaasa Mohamed | August 23, 2016, 2:11 pm

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