Repealed Laws 2000

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text
1 The Ethiopian Institute of Geological Survey Establishment Proclamation No.230/1982 Geological Survey of Ethiopia Establishment Proclamation No.194/2000
2 The Water Resources Utilization Proclamation No.92/1994 Ethiopian Water Resources Management Proclamation No.197/2000
3 Courts (Registration of Advocates) Rules (Legal Notice No. 166/ 1952) Federal Courts Advocates’ Licensing and Registration Proclamation No. 199/2000
  • Public Health Proclamation No. 26/1942
  • Public Health Proclamation No. 92/1947
Public Health Proclamation No. 200/2000[i]
  • The Ethiopian Seed Council of Ministers Regulati6ns, No. 16/1997
Proclamation No. 206/2000 Seed Proclamation
  • The Police Force Organization Proclamation No.6/1942
  • The Police Officers Administration Order No. 82/1973
  • The Police Officers Promotion, Obligatory Service and Dismissal Regulations No.430/1973
  • Provisions Concerning the Police Forces in the Deployment of the State Defence Army of the Central Transitional Government and the Establishment of the Police Force Proclamation No. 8/1991

Federal Police Proclamation No. 207/2000[ii]

7 The Board of Trustee for Privatized Public Enterprises Establishment Proclamation No.17/1996 Board of Trustee for Public Enterprises Establishment Proclamation No. 208/2000
8 Study and Protection of Cultural Heritage proclamation No. 36/1 989 Research and Conservation, of Cultural Heritage Proclamation No.209/2000
9 Articles 14-25, 28, 29 and 30 of The Strengthening of the Management and Administration of Schools Proclamation No. 260/1984 Strengthening of the Management and Administration of Schools (Amendment) Proclamation No. 217/2000[iii]
  10 The Medical Practitioners Registration Proclamation  No. 100/1948


Medical Practitioners Registration (Repealing) Proclamation No. 218/2000

[i] Repealed by Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Proclamation No.661/2009

[ii] Repealed by Federal Police Commission Proclamation No.313/2000.The Repealing proclamation is also repealed by  Proclamation No. 720/2011 Ethiopian Federal Police Commission Establishment Proclamation

[iii] Powers and duties of Public Schools Committees established under Proclamation No. 260/1984 to the appropriate organs referred to in Article 3 of Proclamation No. 217/2000. (These Organs according to article 3 are Councils of  National/Regional governments and Councils of City Administrations)

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