Repealed Laws 2007

No. Repealing Text Repealing Text
1 Proclamation, Federal Civil Servants Proclamation No.262/2002 Federal Civil Servants Proclamation No. 515/2007
2 The Provisions of Title I of Book III of the Commercial Code of Ethiopia, (carriage by land) save those provisions applicable to carriage of persons Proclamation to Amend Carriage of Goods by Land 547/2007
3 The Broadcasting Proclamation No. 178/1999 Broadcasting Service Proclamation No.533/2007
4 The National Lottery Administration Re-establishment Proclamation No. 510/2007 .having not been published as endorsed by the House, is hereby repealed National Lottery Administration Re-establishment Proclamation No.535/2007
  • The Forestry and Wildlife Conservation and Development Proclamation No.192/1980
  • The Wildlife Conservation Regulations No. 416/1972 (as amended)
Proclamation No. 541/2007 Development Conservation and Utilization of Wildlife Proclamation
6 The forest Conservation, development and Utilization Proclamation No. 94/1994 Forest Development, Conservation ‘and Utilization Proclamation No.542/2007.
7 Export Trade Duty, Incentive Scheme Establishing Proclamation No. 249/2001 The Revised Export Trade Duty Inventive Scheme Establishing proclamation No. 543/2007
  • With respect to Transport Proclamation no.468/2005a Article 7 Sub-Article 5 (a) trough (c)
  • Powers given to the transport authority on matters related to seafarers under Article 23 (1)
Maritime Sector Administration Proclamation No.549/2007
  • The Agency for the administration of Rented Houses Establishment Proclamation No.59/1975 (as amended)
  • Sub-Article 7(d) of Article 33 of the Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 471/2005
Agency for Government Houses Establishment Proclamation No. 555/2007

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