Repealed Laws 2009

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text
1 Any right or duty arising under any provision of the repealed laws shall continue unless it contravenes this Proclamation.[i] Charities and Societies Proclamation No.621/2009
  • The Re-Establishment and Modernization of Customs Authority Proclamation No. 60/1997
  • Proclamation No 125/1998
  • Proclamation No. 368/2003
Customs Proclamation No. 622/2009
3 Article 19,  of The  Definition  of  Powers  and  Duties  of  the  Executive Organs  of  the  Federal Democratic  Republic  of  Ethiopia Proclamation  No.  471/2005 Definition  of  Powers  and Duties  of  the  Executive Organs  of the  Federal  Democratic  Republic  of  Ethiopia (amendment)  Proclamation No. 642/2009
  • The  Private  Employment  Agency Proclamation No. 104/1998sub-article  (1)  (f)  of  Article  170
  • Sub-article  (4) of Article 172 and Article 176 of  the Labour Proclamation  No. 377/2003
Employment  Exchange Services    Proclamation No. 632/2009
5 Articles  8  to  14  of  the  Urban  Zoning  and Building  Permit  Proclamation No.  316/1987 Ethiopian Building Proclamation No. 624/2009
6 The  Federal  Government  Financial  Administration Proclamation No. 57/1996 Federal Government  of  Ethiopia  Financial Administration Proclamation No. 648/2009
7 The Higher  Education  Proclamation  No. 351/2003 Proclamation no. 650-2009 Higher Education Proclamation
8 The Licensing and Supervision of  the Business of  Micro-financing  Institutions  Proclamation No. 40/1996 Micro-Financing Business Proclamation No. 626/2009
9 Determining  the  Procedures  of  Public Procurement  and  Establishing  the  Supervisory Agency  Proclamation  No  430/2005 The  Ethiopian Federal  Government  Procurement  and  Property Administration Proclamation No.649/2009
10 The Administration  of  the  President  of  the Federal  Democratic  Republic  of  Ethiopia Proclamation  No.  255/2001 Rights and  Benefits  of Outgoing  Heads  of  State  and Government,  Senior Government  Officials, Members of Parliament and Judges Proclamation No. 653 /2009
11 Proclamation No. 16/1996 Flag and Emblem Proclamation Flag Proclamation No. 654/2009



  • The  Drug  Administration  and  Control Proclamation No. 176/1999
  • The Public Health Proclamation No. 200/2000.
Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Proclamation No.  661/2009
13 The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation Establishment Regulation No.  18/1997(as amended) Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation Re-Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No.  170/2009
14 Council  of Ministers  Regulation  No.209/1995 Council of  Ministers  Regulation No. 173/2009 Classification of Tourist Facilities

[i] No law is expressly repealed by this proclamation.  There is also a clear discrepancy between the Amharic and English text as regards this provision

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