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  1. Please my respected can you make me an answer rot those question
    3.re examination

  2. Please i livlig in jigjiga iwill lake to naw kompensation traiff for story biodling per m2

  3. Hi, Mr. Abrham. How are you? I am looking the repealed federal laws you are organising and compiled. I am looking through all of it carefully and I find it very interesting. Thanks for your effort. and keep up! good luck.

  4. I could not find two things. the first is constitution of SNNPRS and the second is proclaation no. 7-1992 which stipulates about nations nationalities and peoples and issues related to the charter of 1991. I request your kindest co-opperation.

  5. gratitude for u first abrish i would love if u told me current law we are using for expropriation of land pls if u don mind tell
    me harry

  6. dear Abrish, i was in need of procmn which govern land admnstrn,expropriation&compsn to adjudicat a case in hand i got in ur public library…..still u r instractering not only me but all ethio legal profesionals,
    u r striving ur level best to achieve swift admnstrn of justice ! keep on wz ur acceleratin & commitment! 10q

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