Statutory Definitions

Non-cancelable Agreement (P103/98) means a lease agreement that is cancelable only by the operation of the law or by mutual agreement
Non-commercial goods (P859/2014) means goods that are intended for the personal or family use of the consignee or persons carrying them or which are clearly intended as gifts and the aggregate value or quantity of which does not exceed the amounts laid down in directive issued by the Ministry [Ministry of Finance and Economic Development]
Non-Commissioned Officer [Office] (P343/03) includes members ranging in rank from Lance Corporal to Chief Warrant Officer under the Ground Force and Junior [Jonior] Aircraftsman to Chief Warrant Officer under the Air Force
Non-commissioned officer (P809/2013) includes those members of the defense forces ranging in rank from Lance-Corporal to Chief Warrant Officer under the Ground Forces and from Junior Aircraftman to Chief Warrant Officer under the Air Forces
Non-Food Relief Items (R67/2000) means search and rescue equipment, shelter material, feeding and household utensil, water storage equipment, relief workers supplies and other logistical items that enable to prevent and mitigate damages caused by fast-onset -disasters
Non-governmental organization (P391/04) means an association registered pursuant to Article 401and following provisions of the civil code of 1960; whose purpose is not the securing or sharing of profits to its members, and includes domestic and foreign association
Non-Iodized Salt (R204/2011) means salt used in the treatment or manufacture of non-food products
Non-Negotiable Report of Findings (P173/99) shall mean a document issued to the exporter by the Company whenever the pre-shipment inspection results in an unsatisfactory result
Company (P173/99) shall mean the body which, in accordance with an agreement to be entered into with the government, carries out pre-shipment inspection on goods to be imported into the Customs Territory of Ethiopia
Non-Volatile Memory (R139/06) means a type of memory that retains its content when power is turned off
Normal hours of work (P377/03) means the time during which a worker actually performs work or avails himself for work in accordance with law, collective agreements or work rules
Notarial Act (P110/98) means an act of attestation and certification performed by person(s) authorized to perform such acts
Notary (P334/03) means the Federal Notary Office or an employee of the office or of any of the institutions mentioned under Article 26 duly authorized to authentication documents
Article 26 of Authentication and Registration of Documents’ Proclamation No. 334/2003
26. Notarial Powers and Duties Vested on Certain Institutions of the Federal Government
1) Ethiopian Embassies and Consular Offices shall authenticate documents entering into Ethiopia.
2) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall authenticate:-
(a) documents authenticated by Ethiopian embassies and consular offices and by embassies and consular offices of foreign countries in Ethiopia;
b) Documents to be sent abroad that are required to be authenticated under the law of the receiving country
3) Commanders of divisions of the defense force shall authenticate documents submitted by members of the defense force who are on active duty;
4) Heads of federal persons shall authenticate documents submitted by prisoners;
5) The heads of the institutions mentioned in this Article may issue directives of the implementation of the powers and duties given to them under this Proclamation.
Notice (R243/2011) means a letter of request, an order, information, or waiting which the urban administration, designated organ, or a building officer produces to the owner of a building or vise versa
Noticeable Disease (P267/02) means all contagious ‘animal diseases which are characterized by high mortality and/or high morbidity or zoonotic nature or which causes serious socio-economic losses and/or affects International trade of animals, animal-products and by products, and which should be registered and notified immediately
Number lottery (P510/07, P535/07, R160/2009) means a money lottery in which lottery tickets are given serial numbers and winners are determined by public draw
Nutrition (P661/09) means any food substance particularly enriched in protein, vitamin, mineral and any other similar contents that promote body health or protect health problems caused by malnutrition

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