Statutory Definitions

Occupational health care (P200/2000, P661/09) means a science devoted to the application of scientific, technological and managerial principles to protect and control worker health by preventing or reducing risks that may occur within working areas or relating to occupation due to chemical, physical or biological agents
Occupational injury (P377/03) means an employment accident or occupational disease
See definitions of Occupational accident (P377/03) and Occupational disease (P377/03)
Occupational standard (P391/04) means duties & tasks determined to be performed by employees
Occupational training standard (391/04) means the input to develop a curriculum based on occupational standard which includes skill and the duration of the training
Off-grid (P317/03) means any electric supply not covered by the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation Electric Supply System
Office of the President (P255/01) means the Office established by Proclamation No. 131/1998 in order to serve the presidential institution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Office International des Epizooties (OIE) (P267/02) means the international animal health organization established for the purpose of co-coordinating the control of animal disease of which Ethiopia is a member
(P27/96) includes those members of the Defence forces ranging in rank from Second-Lieutenant to General
(P621/09) shall mean a person who has the general control and management of the day to day administration of a Charity or Society and shall not include an auditor
(P809/2013) includes those members of the defense forces ranging in rank from Second Lieutenant to General
Officer of civil status (P760/2012) means an officer assigned to register vital events in accordance with this Proclamation
Official (P211/2000) means an elected representative or an appointee or official of an executive government organ
Officials of the Federal Government (P25/96) means members of the House of Peoples’ Representatives and of the House of the Federation, officials of the Federal Government above ministerial rank, ministers, judges of the Federal Supreme Court and other officials of the Federal government of equivalent rank
Official records (P681/2010) means all applications, customs documents, technical inspection forms, pieces of correspondence and other documents required pursuant to this Proclamation for proper title certification and annual inspection
Official register (P681/2010) means the registry in which all particulars of title certification of vehicles and annual inspections are entered

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