Statutory Definitions

Periodical (P590/08) means printed material which is scheduled to appear in regular sequences of at least twice a year, which has a fixed title and which has a general distribution aimed at the entire public or a section thereof, and includes newspapers and magazines
Permanent employee (P715/2011) means an employee hired for an indefinite period in accordance with the definition assigned to it under the Labour Proclamation No. 377/2003
Permanent Establishment (P285/02) means a fixed place of taxable activities through which those activities of a person are wholly or partly carried on.
The following shall, in particular, be considered to be a permanent establishment, an administrative office, branch, factory, workshop, mine quarry or any other place for the exploitation of natural resources, and a building site or place where construction and/or assembly works are carried out
Permanent mission (P790/2013) means a permanent mission representing the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in an inter-governmental organization abroad
Permanent partial disablement (P377/03) means incurable employment injury decreasing the injured worker’s capacity
Permanent total disablement (P377/03) means incurable employment injury, which prevents the injured worker from engaging [engagding] in any of remunerated work. Injuries which, although not resulting in incapacity for work, cause serious mutilation of disfigurement of the injured person shall be considered permanent partial disablement, for the purpose of compensation and other benefits
(A) Person interdicted by law (Civ.C. Art 380 Sub Art 1) is one from whom the law withdraws the administration of his property, as a consequence of a criminal sentence passed on him
Person under disability (Civ. P.C. Art. 3) mean any person who is not capable under the law
Person with disability (P568/08) means an individual whose equal employment opportunity is reduced as a result of his physical, mental or sensory impairments in relation with social, economic and cultural discrimination
Personal advertisement (P759/2012) means an advertisement advertised through the means of advertisement dissemination and it includes looking for missing person advertisement, condolence message, and other similar advertisement
Personal effects (P859/2014) means articles which a traveller may require for his personal use and the aggregate value or quantity of which does not exceed the amounts laid down in directive issued by the Ministry [Ministry of Finance and Economic Development]
Personal Information (P590/08) means information about an identifiable individual, including, but not limited to;
a) information relating to the medical, educational or the academic, employment , professional or criminal history, of the individual or information relating to financial transactions in which the individual has been involved;
b) information relating to the ethnic, national or social origin, age, pregnancy, marital status colour, sexual orientation, physical or mental health, well-being, disability, religion, belief, conscience, culture, language or birth of the individual;
c) information relating to any identifying number, symbol or other particular assigned to the individual, the address, fingerprints or blood type of the individual;
d) the personal opinions, views or preferences of the individual, except where they are about another individual or about a proposal for a grant, an award or a prize to be made to another individual;
e) the views or opinions of another individual about a proposal for a grant, an award or a prize to be made to the individual, but excluding the name of the other individual where it appears with the views or opinions of the other individual;
f) the views or opinions of another individual about the individual or,
g) the name of the individual where it appears with other personal information relating to the individual or where the disclosure of the name itself would reveal information about the individual, but excluding information about a person who passed away before 20 years
Personal use (P651/09) means the custody, transport, export or import of precious minerals by individuals for non commercial purposes which are in their final shape ready for ornamental purposes which may not exceed:
a)100 grams for gold and other precious metals;
b) 30 grams for precious stones;
c) 100 grams for semi precious stones
Pest (P288/02, P380/2004) means a free, parasitic or saprophytic, which cause a decline in yield and quality during production, processing, storage, transport and marketing of agricultural produces and commodities
(P176/99) means any chemical, mixture, compound or living organism used to prevent, control or destroy pests
(P288/02) means any substance, chemical, compound or mixture thereof or a living organism intended for use as an agricultural input to prevent or control regular pests excluding migratory pests
(P380/2004) means any substance, chemical, compound or mixture thereof or a living organism intended for use as an agricultural input to prevent or control pests
(P661/09) means any substance or mixture of substances used to prevent, control or destroy pests to protect human, animal or plant health

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