Statutory Definitions

(R16/97, P206/2000) means true seed, bulbs, tubers, cuttings, nursery plants of field and garden crops or any other plant material used for the propagation of plan
(P782/2013) means true botanical seed, bulbs, tubers, cuttings, rhizomes, roots, seedlings or any other plant propagating material intended for planting
Seed Data Base (R16/97, P206/2000) means the Seed Data Base of the National Seed Industry Agency
Seed processor (P206/2000) means a person who dries, cleans, grades, treats, bags and labels seed as required by using seed processing machines
Seed Processing Plant
(R16/97) means any premises used for seed processing (cleaning, grading, treating, bagging and labelling)
(P206/2000) means any premises which has adequate facilities for seed processing (drying, cleaning, grading, treating, bagging and labeling, as required) and storage
Seed Producer (P206/2000) means a person who produces seed
(P622/09) means taking possession of goods or documents in relation with law execution and enforcement
(P859/2014) means taking possession of goods or documents in relation with enforcement of customs law
Seizure (P780/2013) means prohibiting the transfer, conversion, disposition or movement of funds or other property on the basis of, and for the duration of the validity of, a decision of the court and the administration of such funds or property by a receiver appointed and supervised by the court
(P674/2010) means to offer for sale or to have pesticides in possession for sale
(R299/2013) means to offer, advertise, keep, store, display, or deliver for sale or to exchange food, medicine or tobacco product in any manner for consideration
Semi-Processed Hides and Skins (P567/08) means products at the stage of pickle or wet blue or crust that are produced using raw cow hides or raw goat and sheep skins as an inputs
Semi-trailer (P468/05) means a vehicle constructed or adapted for use d used for use and used for carrying persons or goods and being drawn by a motor vehicle, and so constructed, that some part of its weight and that of its load rests upon or is carried by another vehicle
Semi-washed coffee (P602/08) means dried and pulped red cherry coffee with its sticky mucilage
Sender (P547/07, P811/2013) means the person who, either for his own account or for that of third parties, delivers goods to the carrier for carriage
Senior executive officer (P592/08) means any officer of a bank who is deputy to the chief executive officer or is directly reporting to the board of directors
Senior Government Official
(P653/09) means a Minister, Minister of State or Deputy Minister
(P714/2011) means minister, minister of state, deputy minister or any government official having an equivalent rank
Senior officer
(P626/09) means any officer of a micro-finance institution who is deputy to the chief executive officer or is directly reporting to the board of directors
(P343/03) includes those members ranging in rank from Major to Colonel
(P809/2013) includes those members of the defense forces ranging in rank from Major to Colonel
Seniority in rank (P720/2011) means having a higher rank or the same rank with seniority in appointment or the same rank and seniority of appointment but with higher position of responsibility or the same rank, seniority of appointment and position of responsibility but with seniority in employment
Sentence (P840/2014) means a final court decision of principal punishment, secondary punishment or a prevention or protection measure passed on a criminal case
Serious Corruption Offence (P433/05) means:
a) Corruption offences involving huge amount of money committed in highly strategic Public Office and Public Enterprise; or
b) Corruption offences involving a public official; or
c) Corruption offences which cause or capable of causing a grave danger to the national sovereignty, economy, security or social life

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