Statutory Definitions

Gene (P120/98) means a chemical composition found in all living things, that transmits all inherited characteristics
General Assembly (P147/98) means a meeting of members of the Primary Cooperative society or representatives of societies above primary level
General Aviation Services
(P273/03) shall mean any aircraft activities except that of airline
(P616/08) means all civil aviation operations other than scheduled air services and non-scheduled air transport operations for remuneration and hire
General Customs Warehouse (P24/97) shall mean a customs warehouse established for the storage of goods of different importers or exporters until the accomplishment of customs formalities
General elections (P532/07) means elections to the House of Peoples’ Representatives and Regional State councils conducted in accordance with relevant laws
General insurance business (P746/2012) means all classes of insurance business other than long term insurance business
General Officer
(P27/96) means a person with the rank of Brigadier, Major, Lieutenant-General and General
(P809/2013) means a member of the defense forces with the rank of Brigadier¬General, Major-General, Lieutenant-General and General
General secondary education (P391/04) means a level of education that culminates with the completion of grade ten
(P86/97, P810/2013) means the production of electricity
(P782/2013) means each successive multiplication cycle seed undergoes
Generation facility (R49/99) means a set of technology used to produce electricity
Genetic resource (P482/06) means any genetic material of biological resource containing genetic information having actual or potential value for humanity and it including derivatives
Genetically modified food (R299/2013) means meat and edible plants modified through genetic engineering
Germ (P728/2011) means any disease causing agent including virus, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, internal and external parasites
Gift (P657/2009) means any transfer of property obtained through crime, with intent to make it seemingly legal, to another person freely or for a consideration the value of which is significantly less than the value of the property

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