Statutory Definitions

Health institution (P661/09) means any governmental, non-governmental or private institution that carry out promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative activities or medicine trade or services
Health professional

(P661/09) means a physician who is licensed by the executive organ to examine and diagnose human diseases and treat them by drug or surgical operations or any other health professional who is authorized to perform such activities
(R299/2013) means a person registered as a health professional by the appropriate organ to protect human health or provide health services and includes complementary or alternative medicine practitioner
Health service (R299/2013) means a service provided by a health professional as per the type and scope of practice permitted by law
Health service package (P690/10) means health services covered by the social health insurance scheme
Health system research (R301/2013) means a problem solving study undertaken on health service delivery, medical equipment and drug supply, human resource training and deployment, budget allocation and utilization, health information and management system and health sector policy and governance
High Court Judge (P653/09) means a Judge of the Federal High Court
High voltage

(R49/99) means a voltage level above 60,000 volt
(P810/2013) means a voltage level above 33,000 volts

(P80/97) means a road designated as highway by the Ethiopian Roads Authority
(P468/05) means a road administered and designated as such by the Ethiopian Roads Authority
Higher Education (P650/09) means education in the arts and sciences offered to undergraduates and graduate students who attend degree programmes through any of the delivery modes stated under Article 19 of this Proclamation
Higher Education (P351/03) means education and training programs as indicated in article 5 of this proclamation, given to students who have successfully completed post secondary education

Higher education institution (R261/2012) means a public or private higher education institution
Hire-purchase (P103/98) means a type of leasing by which a lessor provides a lessee with the use of a specified capital goods, against payment of mutually agreed installments over a specified period under which, with each lease payment, an equal percentage of the ownership is transferred to the lessee and, upon effecting of the last payment, the ownership of the capital goods shall automatically be transferred to the lessee
Hired work (P410/04) means a work created by an author hired or commissioned by a person
Hive (P660/09) means shelter of colony of honey-bees constructed for use in dwelling, reproducing and honey production purpose
Holder (P372/03) means a person who is in possession of a warehouse receipt issued or endorsed to him or to his order or to bearer or in blank
Holder in due course (P372/03) means a person who is in possession of a negotiable warehouse receipt for consideration, in good faith and without notice of any prior claim or defense against it
Holding certificate (P456/05) means certificate of title issued by a competent authority as proof of rural land use right
Holding right
(P89/97) means the right any peasant shall have to use rural land for agricultural purposes as well as to lease and, while the right remains in effect, bequeath it to his family member; and includes the right to acquire property thereon, by his labour or capital, and to sell, exchange and bequeath same
(P456/05) means the right of any peasant farmer or semi-pastoralist and pastoralist shall have to use rural land for purpose of agriculture and natural resource development, lease and bequeath to members of his family or other lawful heirs, and includes the right to acquire property produced on his Land thereon by his labour or capital and to sale, exchange and bequeath same
Holding right certificate (818/2014) means a document of title issued by the registering institution confirming holding right that emanate from land use

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