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The Sport Facilities Administration Proclamation No. 729-2012

The Sport Facilities Administration Proclamation may not be as controversial as the new Urban Land Lease Proclamation; however, an unexpected incident during its adoption has made it somewhat  ‘Historical’ document. An interesting description regarding the incident is found on capital, one of the country’s top business newspapers. In a rare show of dissident in the … Continue reading


CRIMES IN VIOLATION OF AGRICULTURAL LAWS Proclamation no. 660 A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR APICULTURE RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT AND PROTECTION [Article] 8. Penalty Unless it requires higher penalty under the criminal law: 1/ Any person who undertakes commercial beekeeping or queen rearing or who found in act of without written permit from supervising authority in rehabilitation … Continue reading


PROCLAMATION NO. 395/2004. A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE PROCEDURE OF GRANTING PARDON   WHEREAS, it has been provided for in Article 71(7) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia that the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia grants pardon in accordance with law;        WHEREAS, it has become … Continue reading

you could be a criminal without commiting a crime…

  Is it possible that you could be liable to a criminal punishment without committing any crime and at the same time your conviction being considered as lawful i.e. according to law? Sometimes such type of cases may happen when there is a miscarriage of justice and abuse of power. When law enforcement officials and judges … Continue reading

Abortion law in Ethiopia: A comparative analysis

Abortion law in Ethiopia: A comparative analysis Tsehai Wada

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