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‘አሠሪና ሠራተኛ ሕግ’ አዲስ መጽሐፍ

‘አሠሪና ሠራተኛ ሕግ’ በገበያ ላይ ውሏል፡፡ በዩኒቨርሳል የመጽሐፍት መደብር (አራት ኪሎ)ያገኙታል፡፡ ማውጫ        DOWNLOAD የሰበር ውሳኔዎች ማውጫ    DOWNLOAD የሕግጋት ማውጫ        DOWNLOAD ዋቢ መጻህፍትና ጽሑፎች   DOWNLOAD የቃላት ማውጫ             DOWNLOAD     የተመረጡ ገጾች                         … Continue reading

የስራ መሪ መታገድ እና የስራ ውል መቋረጥ፡ የሰበር ውሳኔዎች ዳሰሳ

ተፈጻሚ ስለሚሆነው ህግ የስራ መሪዎችን የስራ ሁኔታ የሚገዛ የስራ መሪዎች መተዳደሪያ ደንብ ካለ በስራ መሪውና በአሰሪው መካከል ያለው ግንነኙነት የሚመራው በዚሁ መተዳደሪያ ደንብ ነው፡፡ ይህን ነጥብ አስመልክቶ የሰበር ችሎት በሰ/መ/ቁ 60489 (አመልካች አቶ አምባዬ ወ/ማርያም እና ተጠሪ የኢትዮጵያ የእህል ንግድ ድርጅት ጥር 14 ቀን 2004 ዓ.ም. ቅጽ 13) የሚከተለውን ትርጉም ሰጥቷል፡፡ “በግራ ቀኙ መካከል ስራ … Continue reading

ሰበር ውሳኔ የሰጠበት ህግ ‘ሲሻር’ የውሳኔው የአስገዳጅነት ውጤት

ሰበር ውሳኔ የሰጠበት ህግ ‘ሲሻር’ የውሳኔው የአስገዳጅነት ውጤት የፌደራል ጠቅላይ ፍርድ ቤት የሰበር ችሎት ውሳኔ በስር ፍርድ ቤቶች ላይ የአስገዳጅነት ውጤት እንዲኖረው በህግ የተደነገገው በ1997 ዓ.ም. ሲሆን የሰበር ችሎት የዚህን አዋጅ መውጣት ተከትሎ በሰበር ስልጣኑ የሚሰጣቸው ውሳኔዎች በፌደራልና በክልል የስር ፍርድ ቤቶች ላይ የአስገዳጅነት ውጤት አግኝተዋል፡፡ ሆኖም በአዋጅ ቁ 454/1997 ላይ የድንጋጌ ለውጥ ሳይኖር የአንድ … Continue reading

ወደ ስራ በመመለስ ፋንታ ካሳ ከፍሎ ማሰናበት፡ የሰበር ውሳኔዎች ዳሰሳ

ወደ ስራ በመመለስ ፋንታ ካሳ ከፍሎ ማሰናበት፡ የሰበር ውሳኔዎች ዳሰሳ 1.  መግቢያ በአሰሪና ሰራተኛ አዋጅ ቁጥር 377/96 አንቀጽ 43(3) እንደተደነገገው ከህግ ውጭ የስራ ውሉ የተቋረጠበት ሰራተኛ ወደ ስራ የመመለስ ጥያቄ በግልጽ ቢያቀርብም ጉዳዩን የሚያየው የስራ ክርክሮችን የሚወስነው አካል ጥያቄውን ባለመቀበል ካሳ ተከፍሎት እንዲሰናበት ማዘዝ ይችላል፡፡ ይህም የሚሆነው ከስራ ግንኙነቱ ጠባይ የተነሳ የስራ ግንኙነቱ ቢቀጥል ከፍተኛ … Continue reading

Federal Supreme Court Cassation Decisions Volume 15

Federal Supreme Court Cassation Decisions Volume 15 is now officially released. DOWNLOAD

Period of time to dismiss a worker for misconduct (Summary of cassation decisions)

Introduction According to Ethiopian labour law, an employer loses his right to dismiss a worker irrespective of a valid ground of dismissal, if he fails to make a decision to terminate the employment contract within 30 working days. The time starts to run from the  date the employer knows the ground for the termination. (Article … Continue reading

Can a civil case be a ground of res judicata in a labour case?

Case Brief Applicant- Ermias Mulugeta Respondent- Bekelecha Transport Share Company Cassation File Number- 39471 Date of judgement- Hamle 29 2001 Read the decision of the court (Amaharic) Issue: Wether failure to prove fault of employee by the employer in a labour case is a ground of resjudicata if a civil action is brought by the … Continue reading


PROCLAMATION NO. 104/1998 PRIVATE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, The participation of individuals and private entities in the employment services has become necessary; WHEREAS, it has particularly become necessary to protect the rights, safety and dignity of Ethiopians employed and sent abroad; NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic … Continue reading

Transfer of workers: Is it employer’s prerogative?

Applicant- Cheshire Foundation Ethiopia Respondent- W/o Meseret Workagegnehu Cassation File No. 38605 Date: Yekatit 19, 2001 Court- Federal Supereme Court Cassation Bench Issue: Wether an employer can unilaterally change the place of work of the employee? Ruling &reasoning: The decision of lower courts was reversed. The cassation bench said that “it is the prerogative of … Continue reading

Right to Employment of Persons With Disability Proclamation No. 568/2008

WHEREAS, the negative perception of persons’ disablement in society is deep rooted that, it has adversely affected the right of persons with disability to employment; WHEREAS, the existing legislation on the right of disabled persons to employment created, by providing for reservation of vacancies for disabled persons, an image whereby people with disabilities to be … Continue reading


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