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Consolidated Ethiopian Laws (1942-1961 E.C.) Volume II

Sometimes ago I posted the first volume of the consolidated laws. Here is the last and second volume. Consoludated Laws  v.2_Part1 Consoludated Laws v.2_Part2 Consoludated Laws v.2 Part3 Consoludated Laws v.2_Part4 Consoludated Laws v.2_Part5 Advertisements

Consolidated Ethiopian laws (1942-1961 E.C.) Volume 1

“The provisions relating to the law on a given subject matter are often found in a series of Acts. As a consequence, investigation of the law on a given subject requires simultaneous reference to a number of separate Acts. This problem can be solved by a re-enactment of the scattered provisions into one Act Consolidation … Continue reading

Advertisement Proclamation No. 759/2012

PROCLAMATION No. 759/2012          DOWNLOAD (.pdf) A PROCLAMATION ON ADVERTISEMENT WHEREAS, advertisement plays a significant role in the economic, social and political development of the country, by influencing the activities of the public in commodity exchange or service rendering; WHEREAS, advertisement makes a significant contribution in establishing healthy market competition in the market-led economic system of … Continue reading

Ethiopian Public Procurement Law applicable only to the private sector

“this Proclamation does not apply to contracts a public body enters into with another public body for the provision of goods, works, consultancy or other services at cost.” The Ethiopian Federal Government Procurement and Property administration Proclamation No.649/2009 Article 3(2) (b) In developing countries like Ethiopia, the provision of services to the citizen is one … Continue reading

New Council of Ministers Regulations 2011

Council of Ministers Regulation No. 247/2011 Ethiopian Roads Authority Re-establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 24912011 Ethiopian Youth Sports Academy Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 250/2011 Information Network Security Agency Council of Ministers Regulation no. 251/2011 Federal Urban Real Property Registration and Information Agency Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 252/2011 Certain Rights and … Continue reading

All 2011 Federal Proclamations Part Two

Proclamation No. 705 African Development Fund Loan Agreement Proclamation No. 704 2003 Fiscal Year Federal Government Supplementary Budget Proclamation No. 703 Amendments of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund Ratification Proclamation Proclamation No. 702 OPEC Fund for International Development Loan Agreement Proclamation No. 701 Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa Loan … Continue reading

All 2011 Federal Proclamations Part one

The total number of proclamations issued by the House of People’s representatives is 26 i.e proclamation number 692-proclamation number 718. You can freely download all the laws here Ethiopian legal breif. In the first part you will find Proclamation number 706-718. I will post the remaining proclamations in part II. Abrham Yohannes Proclamation No. 718 … Continue reading

Amount of pension contribution in the new Ethiopian pension laws

One of the significant changes introduced by the new Ethiopian pension laws is the substantial increase in the amount of pension contribution by the beneficiary and the government/employer. Until June 2011, only the public sector was covered by the pension scheme. Starting from July 2011 those (employees and employers) in the private sector will start … Continue reading

Pre-1995 Ethiopian Laws (#2)

Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission Establishment Proclamation no. 91/94 A proclamation to promote the development of mineral resources Proclamation no. 52/93 Agricultural Cooperative Societies Proclamation no. 85/1994 Proclamation Concerning Inventions, Minor Inventions and Industrial Designs, Proclamation no. 123/1995 State Farms Development Authority Proclamation no. 142/1978 Agricultural Development Corporations Regulation no. 60/1978

Repealed Ethiopian Laws 1997

Repealed text Repealing Text (a)    Customs and Export Duties Proclamation No.39/1943; (b)   The Proclamation to Consolidate and Amend the Law Relating to Customs Proclamation No. 145/1955; (c)    Customs and Export Duties Measurement Regulations No. 48/1944; (d)   Customs Working Hours Regulation No. 169/1952.   Proclamation No. 60/1997 The Re-Establishment and Modernization of Customs Authority Proclamation (a)    … Continue reading


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