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Consolidated Ethiopian Laws (1942-1961 E.C.) Volume II

Sometimes ago I posted the first volume of the consolidated laws. Here is the last and second volume. Consoludated Laws  v.2_Part1 Consoludated Laws v.2_Part2 Consoludated Laws v.2 Part3 Consoludated Laws v.2_Part4 Consoludated […]


Consolidated Ethiopian laws (1942-1961 E.C.) Volume 1

“The provisions relating to the law on a given subject matter are often found in a series of Acts. As a consequence, investigation of the law on a given subject requires simultaneous […]

Advertisement Proclamation No. 759/2012

PROCLAMATION No. 759/2012          DOWNLOAD (.pdf) A PROCLAMATION ON ADVERTISEMENT WHEREAS, advertisement plays a significant role in the economic, social and political development of the country, by influencing the activities of the public […]

Ethiopian Public Procurement Law applicable only to the private sector

“this Proclamation does not apply to contracts a public body enters into with another public body for the provision of goods, works, consultancy or other services at cost.” The Ethiopian Federal Government […]

New Council of Ministers Regulations 2011

Council of Ministers Regulation No. 247/2011 Ethiopian Roads Authority Re-establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 24912011 Ethiopian Youth Sports Academy Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 250/2011 Information Network Security Agency Council […]

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