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Who is ‘the government’?

Who is ‘the government’? In Ethiopia, almost unlimited powers of rulemaking, rate fixing and appointing higher officials is reserved to ‘the government’. This body or person is neither the legislator nor the executive. It is unknown. It could not even be described precisely. However, its existence is for sure. Any legislative act, for sake of … Continue reading

Spelling “Parlament”

You don’t write Parlament for Parliament. I just used that term to indicate the lawmaker’s lack of attention to spelling in legislative texts. The House of People’s Representatives should have its own language editor. The English version of the legislative text is full of spelling errors. Recently I was working on statutory definitions of Ethiopian … Continue reading

The Sport Facilities Administration Proclamation No. 729-2012

The Sport Facilities Administration Proclamation may not be as controversial as the new Urban Land Lease Proclamation; however, an unexpected incident during its adoption has made it somewhat  ‘Historical’ document. An interesting description regarding the incident is found on capital, one of the country’s top business newspapers. In a rare show of dissident in the … Continue reading

New Council of Ministers Regulations 2011

Council of Ministers Regulation No. 247/2011 Ethiopian Roads Authority Re-establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 24912011 Ethiopian Youth Sports Academy Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 250/2011 Information Network Security Agency Council of Ministers Regulation no. 251/2011 Federal Urban Real Property Registration and Information Agency Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 252/2011 Certain Rights and … Continue reading

Corrigenda to proclamations and Regulations

DOWNLOAD the pdf version of Corrigenda to proclamations and Regulations. “A corrigendum of a legislative text is conventionally thought of as a mere rectification of obvious typing mistakes. It is done after the publication of a legislative text. Its purpose is to realign the published legislative text with the original will of the legislative body … Continue reading

Definition of Ethiopian legal terms

“Definition is an attempt to state in precise terms the meaning of a word or of an expression. In legislation it should be used only as an aid to clarity and to reduce vagueness as much as possible. It should be used only when necessary and should be as complete as possible. Robinson1 considers that … Continue reading


FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA HOUSE OF PEOPLES’ REPRESENTATIVES WORKING PROCEDURE AND MEMBERS’ CODE OF CONDUCT (AMENDMENT) PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, it is important to enable the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia House of Peoples’ Representatives to effectively discharge its powers and functions as well as the responsibility vested with by the public as enshrined in the … Continue reading


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