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2015-16 (2008 E.C.) Proclamations

Proclamation No. 934-2016 Rights and Benefits of Outgoing Heads of State and Government, Senior Government Officials, Members of Parliament and Judges (amendment) Proclamation Proclamation No. 933-2016  Agreement between the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Government of the Republic of Turkey for Exchange of Plots of Land for building embassy and … Continue reading

New Proclamations and Regulations 2013/14

Proclamations Proclamation No. 808/2013 Information Network Security Agency Re-establishment Proclamation DOWNLOAD Proclamation No. 810/2013 Energy Proclamation DOWNLOAD Proclamation No. 811/2013 Trucks Demurrage Proclamation DOWNLOAD Proclamation No. 812/2013 Export – Import Bank of China Loan Agreement Periods Additional Loan for Addis Ababa Adama Toll Motorway Design and Build and a Loan for Addis Ababa Toll Motorway … Continue reading

New Prclamations 2013 (2005 E.C.)

Proclamation No. 787/2013 OPEC  Fund  for  International  Development Loan  Agreement  for  Financing  the  Rural Electrification  Project  in  Gode  – Kebridehar Ratification Proclamation  DOWNLOAD Proclamation No. 788/2013 Arab  Bank for  Economic  Development  in  Africa Loan  Agreement  for  Financing  the  Rural Electrification  Project  in  Gode-Kebridehar Project Ratification  Proclamation DOWNLOAD Proclamation No.  789/2013 Economic  and  Technical  Co-operation Agreement … Continue reading

Corrigenda to proclamations and Regulations

DOWNLOAD the pdf version of Corrigenda to proclamations and Regulations. “A corrigendum of a legislative text is conventionally thought of as a mere rectification of obvious typing mistakes. It is done after the publication of a legislative text. Its purpose is to realign the published legislative text with the original will of the legislative body … Continue reading

weekly legal news

Draft Directive Weighs on Exporters Addis Fortune New Law Puts Private Possessions under Lease Addis Fortune አቶ ያረጋል አይሸሹም ታስረው ፍርድ ቤት ቀረቡ ሪፖርተር የማስታወቂያ ረቂቅ ሕጉና ባለድርሻ አካላት  ሪፖርተር እነ ኤልያስ ክፍሌ የተመሠረተባቸው የአሸባሪነት ክስ እንዲሻሻል ትዕዛዝ ተሰጠ  ሪፖርተር


PROCLAMATION NO. 118/1998 A PROCLAMATION TO AMEND THE MINING PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, it has become necessary to amend the Mining Proclamation; NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows: 1. Short Title This Proclamation may be cited as the “Mining(Amendment) Proclamation … Continue reading

Repealed Ethiopian Laws 1997

Repealed text Repealing Text (a)    Customs and Export Duties Proclamation No.39/1943; (b)   The Proclamation to Consolidate and Amend the Law Relating to Customs Proclamation No. 145/1955; (c)    Customs and Export Duties Measurement Regulations No. 48/1944; (d)   Customs Working Hours Regulation No. 169/1952.   Proclamation No. 60/1997 The Re-Establishment and Modernization of Customs Authority Proclamation (a)    … Continue reading


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