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Legislations update (August-September 2014)

Here are some of the proclamation and regulations enacted during the month of August and September 2014. Remember you can receive this and other up to date legislation through your email by becoming a member. Click HERE to get further information and details about registration. Proclamations Proclamation No. 839-2014 Classification of Cultural Heritage into National … Continue reading

New Prclamations 2013 (2005 E.C.)

Proclamation No. 787/2013 OPEC  Fund  for  International  Development Loan  Agreement  for  Financing  the  Rural Electrification  Project  in  Gode  – Kebridehar Ratification Proclamation  DOWNLOAD Proclamation No. 788/2013 Arab  Bank for  Economic  Development  in  Africa Loan  Agreement  for  Financing  the  Rural Electrification  Project  in  Gode-Kebridehar Project Ratification  Proclamation DOWNLOAD Proclamation No.  789/2013 Economic  and  Technical  Co-operation Agreement … Continue reading

Capital Goods Leasing Business (Amendment) Proclamation No. 807/2013

PROCLAMATION No. 807/2013 PROCLAMATION TO AMEND THE CAPITAL GOODS LEASING BUSINESS PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, it has became necessary to amend the Capital Goods Leasing Business Proclamation No.103/ 1998; NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article55 (1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows: 1. Short Title This Proclamation … Continue reading

New Proclamations 2012 (2004 E.C.)

Proclamation No.731/2012 Commercial Registration and Business Licensing /Amendment/ Proclamation    DOWNLOAD Proclamation No. 732/2012 IGAD Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ratification    DOWNLOAD Proclamation No. 733/2012 IGAD Convention on Extradition Ratification   DOWNLOAD Proclamation No.734/2012 International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism Ratification   DOWNLOAD Proclamation No.735/2012 Protocol Against the Illicit Manufacturing of … Continue reading

New 2011-12 (2004 E.C.) Proclmations

Proclamation No.720-2011 Ethiopian Federal Police Commission establishment Proclamation No. 721-2011 Urban Land Lease Proclamation Proclamation No. 722-2011 Instruments Amending the Constitution and Convention of the International Telecommunication Union Ratification Proclamation Proclamation No 723-2011 Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Amendment) Proclamation Proclamation No. 724-2011 Export … Continue reading

Cooperative Societies Proclamation No. 147/1998

PROCLAMATION NO 147/1998 A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES WHEREAS, it has become necessary to establish cooperative societies which are formed by individuals on voluntary basis and who have similar needs for creating savings and mutual assistance among themselves by pooling their resources, knowledge and property; WHEREAS, it has become necessary … Continue reading

Maritime Sector Administration Proclamation No. 549/2007

PROCLAMATION NO.549/2007. MARITIME SECTOR ADMINISTRATION PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, it is imperative to improve and expand the maritime sector in an organized manner to provide an enhanced and smooth service, considering the crucial importance of existence of efficient maritime sector for a country’s development and prosperity; WHEREAS, it is essential to use modern means and techniques to … Continue reading


PROCLAMATION NO. 137/1998 FERTILIZER MANUFACTURING AND TRADE PROCLAMATION DOWNLOAD (PDF) WHEREAS, it is necessary to promote the agricultural sector which is the base of development of the material economy, with modern agricultural science and inputs of manufacture; WHEREAS, fertilizer is the determining input of the agricultural sector of the economy, it is necessary to follow … Continue reading


PROCLAMATION NO. 547/2007   A PROCLAMATION TO AMEND CARRIAGE OF GOODS BY LAND. DOWNLOAD (pdf)   Whereas, freight transport services play vital role in enhancing our country’s development, for the general growth of the trade service sector of the economy and for integration of the peoples of Ethiopia. Whereas, laws of our country governing any … Continue reading

Draft Proclamation to Provide for Licensing and Administration of Advocates Practising before Federal Courts

The Ministry of Justice, an organ empowered to license federal advocates and generally regulate advocacy service in Federal Courts, has recently prepared a draft proclamation which substantially amends the previous law. The Following is a scanned copy of the draft proclamation. If you would like to comment on the draft you can use the comment … Continue reading


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