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New Prclamations 2013 (2005 E.C.)

Proclamation No. 787/2013 OPEC  Fund  for  International  Development Loan  Agreement  for  Financing  the  Rural Electrification  Project  in  Gode  – Kebridehar Ratification Proclamation  DOWNLOAD Proclamation No. 788/2013 Arab  Bank for  Economic  Development  in  […]

New Proclamations 2012 (2004 E.C.)

Proclamation No.731/2012 Commercial Registration and Business Licensing /Amendment/ Proclamation    DOWNLOAD Proclamation No. 732/2012 IGAD Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ratification    DOWNLOAD Proclamation No. 733/2012 IGAD Convention on Extradition Ratification […]

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