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Ethiopian Public Procurement Law applicable only to the private sector

“this Proclamation does not apply to contracts a public body enters into with another public body for the provision of goods, works, consultancy or other services at cost.” The Ethiopian Federal Government Procurement and Property administration Proclamation No.649/2009 Article 3(2) (b) In developing countries like Ethiopia, the provision of services to the citizen is one … Continue reading

2009/10 (2002 E.C.) Council of Ministers Regulations

Regulation no. 160-2009 National Lottery Administration Re-establishment Regulation no. 161-2009 Coffee Quality Control and Transaction Regulation no. 162-2009 Irrigation Development Investment Incentives Regulation no. 163-2009 Wildlife Development, Conservation and Utilization Regulation no. 164-2009 Council of Ministers Income Tax (Amendment) Regulation no, 165-2009 Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise Establishment Regulation no. 166-2009 Work Permit Fees (As Amended) … Continue reading

Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority Directives

                             Directive No. 01/2008 COMMERCIAL RADIO  BROADCASTING SERVICES WHEREAS, Commercial Radio Broadcasting Service is an alternative broadcasting service in providing education, entertainment, information to the public and it is found essential to develop and expand this service; and WHEREAS, it is essential to ensure fair utilization of the limited radio wave wealth of the country … Continue reading

Directives on Finance and Property Administration-Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Ethiopia

Price of goods and services Government Account Budget administration Disbursement Financial Accountability Handover of property among public bodies Internal audit Internal Standards Public Procurement Property administration Surety/ guarantee of employees Financial Calendar Directive Cash Management


PROCLAMATION NO. 649/2009. THE ETHIOPIAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT AND PROPERTY ADMINISTRATION PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, to achieve better transparency, efficiency,  fairness and impartiality in public procurement and to enable the utilization of the large sum of public money spent on procurement in a manner that ensures greater economy and efficiency by addressing problems  encountered in the course … Continue reading


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