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የችሎት ገጠመኞች እና ቀልዶች

ብዙዎቻችሁ የEthiopian Legal Brief ጎብኚዎች ላይ በላልበልሃ የሚል ብሎግ እንዳለኝ የምታውቁ ይመስለኛል፡፡ ሆኖም ከስራ ብዛትና በቀላሉ ኢንተርኔት ከማግኘት ችግር የተነሳ ከጊዜ ወዲህ በላልበልሃ ላይ ብሎግ ማድረግ አቁሜያለው፡፡ በቅርቡም ለብሎጉ ጎብኚዎችና subscribers በይፋ በማሳወቅ ብሎጉን delete ለማድረግ አስቤያለው፡፡ ጽሁፎቹን ያላነበቡና በድጋሚ ለማንበብ የሚፈልጉ እንደሚኖሩ በመረዳት የተወሰኑትን Ethiopian Legal Brief ላይ አወጣቸዋለው፡፡ የሚከተሉት የችሎት ገጠመኞችና ቀልዶች … Continue reading

Ethiopian Legal Brief ( 2014 in review

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL Just like last year 2014 was again a wonderful blogging year. On January 18/2015 will celebrate its 4th year. Here is a brief summary of by the numbers 8,557 followers 2,339,742 hits (views) 720, 318 unique visitors 2264 comments 17,387 shares Total Views by year 2011—–94,269 2012—–467,532 2013——768,043 … Continue reading

Two years of blogging-2012 in review

HAPPY NEW YEAR Just like last year 2012 was again a wonderful blogging year. On January 18 will celebrate its 2nd birthday. You can celebrate with me by sending email, cards or if you are around Dire Dawa, buy me some ‘gift’ within two years has shown great improvement. Total views in 2011= … Continue reading

One year of blogging — 2011 in review

I think it is not too late to say merry Christmas. Merry Christmas for all!! 2011 was a wonderful year in my blogging activity. Here is a brief overview. I started (now on January 18, 2011 (only days left to celebrate my first year.) During this one year, Ethiopian legal brief has grown … Continue reading


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