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HU College of Law Teaching Modules

Justice and Legal System Research Institute Teaching Materials

African Human Rights Law

African Union Law

Agency Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Administrative contracts

Administrative law 

Bankruptcy Law

Civil Procedure II

Conflict of Laws

Constitutional Law I

Constitutional Law II

Construction Law

Contract I

Contract II

Criminal law I

Criminal law II

Criminal Procedure


Customary Law

Employment and Labour Law

English for Lawyers I

English for Lawyers II

Environmental law

Ethiopian Law of Persons


Fiscal Federalism


HIV AIDS Clinical Manual

human rights law

International Organizations

Introduction to Computer and the Internet

Introduction to law and Ethiopian Legal System

investment law

Islamic Law

Insurance Banking and Negotiable Instruments

Intellectual property


Interdisciplinary II

Judgement Writing


Land Law

Law and Development

Law of Evidence

legal writing

Legislative Drafting

Maritime Law

Pretrial Skills and Advocacy

Law of Agency

Legal Research Methods

Legal Profession and Ethics

Legal History and Traditions

Law of Successions

Law of Sales and Security

Manual on Domestic Violence

Traders and business organizations

Tax Law

Sentencing and Execution

Refugee Law

Law of Property

Extra-Contractual Liability

Seminar on Current Legal Topics

A Manual on Family Law Clinic

Family Law Teaching Material

Public Enterprises and Cooperatives

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  1. This page is usefull but sometimes first instant and high court decission send in amharic language b/c working language is amharic in ethio contextual
    I have a suggestion that most of the series will be sent by an advisor

  2. Thanks! But i didn’t see Business Law! If u have any also about Forensic Investigation For LLM!

  3. Dear Abrish, Hope you are doing great. I’m about to ask you few questions for the fulfillment of the course Moot Court. The question is about your pre-trial stage activity as a lawyer. So, what do you do at pre-trial stage with your clients? Can you brief me the things you do in such a stage? This is for my personal consumption & I want you only reflect me your real experience. Thank you in advance!

  4. Hi Abraham,
    first of all thanks for all your effort to launch us the soft copy of matterials, and please attach me ICT course materials for 1st year.

  5. Hi dear. There is no international trade law teaching material, so if it’s possible i would like to send me this course teaching material

  6. This webpage is very useful and services us as a source of learning materials; Thanks you very much, but I would like to take this opportunity to ask your esteemed organization to upload teaching materials like Civil Procedure I, Law and Development, a like.
    With kind regards
    Abreham Abate

  7. dear friend: there is no public international law from the course of llb. so post it.

  8. Thanks! For all your helpings.You are contributing too much to address your society a valuable legal knowlege.
    For all I would like to say you thank you again!!

  9. Thanks! For all your helpings.You are contributing too much to address your society a valuable legal knowlege.
    For all I would like to say you again!!

  10. thanks for all effort u undertaken to addres all issue
    pls up load civil procedure law ome teaching materials

  11. hi dear: really its a great job accessing all thoes information avaliable there. please share if you have a federal police commission case which appealed to federal cassassion decision court?
    keep it up!

  12. Hay dear Yohannes, first i’ve no words to admire ur priceless struggle for the legal system & people in as well as to it. I always wonder about ur positive attitude to help.
    Finally, why is Humanitarian law teaching materia not here pls?

  13. dear sir i need your great person ! i need your view on my situation my parents live in kebele home /yekebele bet/ with me im 25 yrs old they build a their own home and are living th kebele home is their a way that i can get the kebele home or not ? pls reply soon and fast im a regular guy with a minium wage and i really need a help
    thank u

  14. If you can get the teaching material module” International Humanitarian Law” please post it.

  15. Thank you for doing so Best in providing legal information .I on final to hold my LLB degree in coming new year.please support me regarding final race of my success.

  16. I found what I was in need of so with great respect you did very nice for this site viewers

  17. i think what you’re doing is great, but it will be much better it the books were placed with the year we took the courses they contain, i downlaoded the courses i’m going to take next year but couldn’t be sure wether or not we’re going to take them. and again want to say keep it up couse what you doing realy been a halp.

  18. Abrish your works very amazigly but why exit exam not includes in union llist of law?or from websites ,. iam first year student of law from dilla Unversity .

  19. Hi Abrish! you are doing well. your contribution would also good if you add other disciplines such as Civics, Political science and History. please think about it.

  20. Thank you very much Mr Abraham, i really did not know where to get access to these materials, but thank God that i found this blog i hope it is not too late for me.

  21. i would like to say God bless you and keep it up on what you are doing. I But if you please send me non taxable incomes.
    with regards!


  23. I heard about this web sit from my teacher ,please send to me Ethiopian tax low.thank you

  24. Ahmed-
    Nice work along with its limitations such as mentioned by others like Adugna.I’m thinking of what contribution to forward anyway keep it up.

  25. Thank you Abrham For posting of all legal , teaching material and paper of Law of Exit Exam.

  26. Hi, Mr. Abraham. I would like to say thanks to your invaluable efforts to access us all these legal materials and legal instruments. I want to ask you to attach the Exit-exam of 2005 E.C (2013G.C) on the name of the students who are going to take exit-exam in this year including me. I am begging you on the name of a student who were yesterday to become the scholar of today. I am quite sure that, you will respond my request positively. Thank you in advance.
    With best Regards

  27. i really like u’r works,i would like thanks for effort please attach this material on my e-mail address,thank for in advance

    • Hi there!would you pleas attach teaching material on customary law&legal ethics and profesion on my email? Thank u in advance!

  28. Hello sir, I want Appllate Advocacy teaching material, can you me help to acees it?
    Thanks in advance

  29. hello Abrham! would you pleace atach to me law of investment and constraction law teaching materials? thank youuuuu…

  30. Hi there I need some support for my case at labour division of the regional first instance court, you know I didn’t trust the judge I think my employer made him a victem. I can’t tell u the detail here would u mind contacting me through mail to talk. to be honest the case is killing me plus destroying justice. I don’t know who to trust right now i believe the case is someone’s case who is in power. I am seeking justice. finally if u do attach some low documents related to labour courts I mean speaking about the role of Sue documents, fake documents,false witnesses and the like. finally it will be great to assert here that I was a QS on a 1.3 billion birr project.

    seeking justice.

  31. Oh, sir words can not explain how I can thank you for the attachment of the materials to my address. I do no how I can say thank you. God Bless you

  32. wow no word to appreciate such kinds of invaluable contribution . would you add material on international trade

  33. am working on civil societies role in combating corruption in Ethiopia
    ….. can i find some related documents on the issue please?

  34. Hi Abraham this is Elias, i am happy for joining this club. i would like to get some materials related to Ethiopian tax jurisdictions special emphasis on VAT laws.thank you

  35. civill procedure teaching materials are not availabel to be downloaded.any hu keep dion zis owsum job.

  36. Hi, Mr. Abraham before I proceed to my request I want to say Great Thanks. I like Electoral law and Media Law, may u help me how I can access these materials.
    Thanks in Advance

  37. i got a palatable information from this site,thank you never express my satisfaction,you can’t imagine how i am excited and deeply moved ,when i got the seek information from the site.

      • hello!!!!!!!!!! can you please attach to me some ideas on preconditions and limitations which affect the liability of the seller for warrants of defects of things and non conformity???

        i really need badly your idea because i bileave it will help me a lot. if you don’t mind i need it for today. thanks.

  38. while I click constitutional law two in the list of teaching material ,the content is about african human rights law.what is the problem?

  39. how we can identify the policy pillars of each law.especially with relation of economic and business issue of the country.

  40. Abrish. Long time. Any ways as time goes it becomes clear who is the hero of all times. The hero of Laws and Jokes…… Keep it up. Don not stop.Respect for a respected Lawyer.

  41. i would to add to that. i have used this resource here several times before now its time to thank you for you time and energy for putting collecting this materials in one in such .
    god bless you.

  42. hi abrham !would u tell me those parts of law courses covered in exit exam?and some materials ?thank u for u r response in adevance!

  43. Hi Abrish,
    I have gone through the list of teaching materials. I am looking for the following Teaching Materials for Business Law Stream which are missing from the list. Appreciate if you could provide me. Moreover, I am not able to download some of the materials from the list. Take me through on how to download them.
    1. Public International Law
    2. Applate Advocacy (moot court)
    3. Law of Public Enterprise & Cooperatives
    With best regards,

  44. Hi Abresh. It is an amazing job that you are doing. It is just sharing what others do not have. I realy appreciate your intiation and make the page available for those who are in need of. I saw the list of courses but I think there are remining. To make it complete, I propose to go an extra mile and make the list of courses (ofcourse as per the new curriculum) very complete.
    Any one who wanted to have such an info will be forced to visit thios site before goining to any other. For your information I have communicated my colegues to vist the site and contribute what they can.
    Finally, it is just sharing what you have. What I can say is It is a great job. Please keep it up.

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