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Ethiopian Law Teaching Modules and Materials

(This page is updated and more teaching materials are included)

HU College of Law Teaching Modules

Justice and Legal System Research Institute Teaching Materials

African Human Rights Law

African Union Law

Agency Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Administrative contracts

Administrative law 

Bankruptcy Law

Civil Procedure II

Conflict of Laws

Constitutional Law I

Constitutional Law II

Construction Law

Contract I

Contract II

Criminal law I

Criminal law II

Criminal Procedure


Customary Law

Employment and Labour Law

English for Lawyers I

English for Lawyers II

Environmental law

Ethiopian Law of Persons


Fiscal Federalism


HIV AIDS Clinical Manual

human rights law

International Organizations

Introduction to Computer and the Internet

Introduction to law and Ethiopian Legal System

investment law

Islamic Law

Insurance Banking and Negotiable Instruments

Intellectual property


Interdisciplinary II

Judgement Writing


Land Law

Law and Development

Law of Evidence

legal writing

Legislative Drafting

Maritime Law

Pretrial Skills and Advocacy

Law of Agency

Legal Research Methods

Legal Profession and Ethics

Legal History and Traditions

Law of Successions

Law of Sales and Security

Manual on Domestic Violence

Traders and business organizations

Tax Law

Sentencing and Execution

Refugee Law

Law of Property

Extra-Contractual Liability

Seminar on Current Legal Topics

A Manual on Family Law Clinic

Family Law Teaching Material

Public Enterprises and Cooperatives

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